Sunday, May 2, 2010

8 Day Shred

I only lasted 8 days on the 30 day shred. I was too tired, too lazy, too this and too that. Plus, I weighed exactly the same after 8 days. I know its only a 30 minute workout but it wasn't very motivating. So after 8 days, I quit. I might do it again sometime but not now. Now I'll just continue walking Charlie around the 'hood and trying to make good food choices (not including the veggie benedict I had this morning with my friends).

Since I QUIT the shred (April 1), I've lost 6.5 lbs bringing my total weight loss to 33.5 lbs, which means I have 16 lbs to go (see - who needs a workout video anyway?!). I know my chest weighs more now than it used to so I might give myself a couple pounds slack.

I know I need to work out not just to lose weight and be toned but because its healthy. I know I should work out to serve as a good example to Charlie but I also know that at this age has no clue what working out means and if mom does it.

If anyone has any motivation they can send my way, please do. I could use some!


Melissa said...

Eat more like Doug. hahaha

Seriously, you have done great and only 16 pounds left is awesome. Having a baby is a huge life adjustment, and with you going back to work that will be another adjustment. I don't think I balanced working out and eating well until Dylan was 1. Just be patient and do little things. Everything will all come together, and then you'll probably get pregnant and have another one!

Gale said...

8 day shred is better than 0 day shred...I'm with Melissa, you are doing great. Take advantage of the breastfeeding because it truly does help everything to fall back into place...and try your best to eat healthy. Learn to love fish a couple times a week - and veggies are always great - especially when roasted in the oven. Last but not least, summer salad and fruit season is on the way :)

Momma E said...

I bought the 30 day shred before my wedding (12/08) and did it once. I have thought about doing it now, post baby, but have gotten no further than pulling it out and putting it on top of the DVD player. I know all about no motivation.

Eat healthy and go for walks. Every little bit helps. And, 8 days of shredding is better than 0!!

Ashley said...

If it helps you made me feel better! I did it for a couple of weeks, not consistent or anything :) It is hard with little ones to look the way you want, but as everyone has said as long as you eat as healthy as you can and walk some you'll get there soon enough. I always tell myself that I'll have more time when the kiddos get older; we'll see what happens!