Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Awwww Nuts! Plus, Some Good News.

Bad news: We got the allergy test back and Mr. Charlie is allergic to......peanuts! The Dr. said, "do you eat a lot of peanuts?"If you know me, you know I love peanuts and especially, peanut butter. I can no longer indulge while I'm still breastfeeding. I haven't had alcohol in over a year, caffeinated coffee only about 4 times and now no peanut butter? Oh well, maybe it will help me kick some of these pounds off. I think I lost 2 lbs during my dairy cleanse. I'm also bummed to have throw out my frozen milk stash. I don't have a ton but I hate leaving my mom to watch Charlie with such a small emergency supply. Another sucky thing: often times babies don't outgrow peanut allergies. We'll re-test around a year. I actually cut out peanuts about a week ago and his skin already looks a lot better.

Good news: Before I went out on maternity leave my manager said we could try me working 4 days a week. While out on leave, my manager left the company. I spoke to the new manager and she wanted me to come back full time. I got a call from her yesterday and she said she is ok with me trying out 4 days a week when I get back. I have a ton of vacation so each week I'll use vacation to take Wednesdays off. After 60 days, we'll discuss if its working for me, the team, etc. If so, they'll reduce my pay 20% and I'll go to part time. This is going to make returning to work so much easier!!


Her Momma said...

uck, that sucks about the peanuts. like you i love me some peanuts! my husband is VERY allergic to walnuts so we'll probably be staying far away from peanuts for a long time. :( sorry about the waisted milk, too - but YAY for 4-day workweek!!

Ashley said...

I think Gracie is still a little allergic to peanuts/peanut butter. She says her mouth feel "ouchies" when she has any. Time will tell!

Melissa said...

I think your 4 day schedule sounds perfect! I hope it works. Two days of work will be a nice break, then you can hang with your little guy, two more days, than a nice weekend. Right when you need a break from being mom, you can work, and right when you need a break from work, you can be a mom!! :-)