Sunday, May 25, 2008


On Saturday, Rob and I met up with Sarah and Mike in Napa. They went up there from Fri-Sun. We met them at Mustards Grill. Three people recommended this place so we had to see what the fuss was all about. The place is kind of small and there was a wait but we had a reservation. The reservation was at 3:00 so I imagine this place is even busier around noon and dinner time. Well, this place did not disapoint. I had a warm goat cheese salad and potato gnocchi for my main entree. The gnocchi was the best I've ever had - don't tell my mother in law! I think the quality was the same, but the sauce at mustards was so yummy. It was orange - thats the best I can do to describe it. I went to their website to see what the description was on the sauce but they have an old menu posted.

Next after lunch/dinner we went to "Wineries of Napa Valley" which is a place where you can do some wine tasting and buying. That night they had a wine and chocolate event. We were able to taste 5 wines and chocolate. I'm not a wino, but I like to try new wines so I can know what I do like. Surprise surprise, I liked the super sweet dessert wine. I convinced Rob to try it and he liked it too so we bought a bottle. Apparently you can't get this bottle anywhere but this store. I even went to the winery's website and its not listed. I guess they weren't lying. The one we got was the Goosecross Cellars Orange Muscat. Oh, we also got a Napa magnet that was super cute. Then we went downtown and got some chocolate at a candy store and went browsing through a couple retail stores but had to leave to get home to Buddy.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Grating, its not just for Cheese Anymore

Have you heard of this? I saw an infomercial once and thought it looked disgusting. It basically showed a woman scrubbing her feet with a cheese grater. Well, it wasn' really a cheese grater but it did resemble one. It was finer and was in the shape of an egg. I was in Bed, Bath and Beyond last weekend and saw the Ped Egg and then a few days later I heard rave reviews (from real people) on the Peg Egg. So don't be jealous, but I spent part of my Friday night driving to Bed, Bath and Beyond to get some kitchen gadgets and the Ped Egg. I started going to town on my foot and was amazed at how quickly the calluses were coming off and it didn't hurt at all (as long as you use it on the really rough parts). I'm not saying I'm going to fill out Foot Model applicatoins any time soon, but my feet are getting sandal ready! Best $9.99 I ever spent!

I showed Rob my tray of dead skin and he was pretty grossed out, enough to change my mind about taking a picture and posting it on this website.