Monday, May 3, 2010


I'm totally excited about Groupon. Our friend Brian told Rob about Groupon yesterday and he told me. It's basically a website that sends you major deals in your area once a day (1 deal a day) via email. It can be kayaking lessons, restaurant certificates, massages, etc. at very discounted prices.

Today's deal for San Jose was an unlimited month of Bikram Yoga at a yoga studio for $40 (regularly $150). I think I'd try it out if I didn't have a kid and not about to start right back at work again.

I told Rob that we should buy the deal that is being offered tomorrow - for fun since we don't know what it is yet. We won't do it if its something like surf lessons - I'm hoping its a certificate to a restaurant or a place we can bring Charlie.

I'll let you know tomorrow what happens, or better yet, sign up yourself!


katie said...

Brian and I do Groupon out here in Austin. So far we've pretty much only done restaurants though. The deals are pretty good for 2 people, most seem to be pay $15 and get a $30 groupon to use, so for the 2 of us we can order food and drinks and maybe 1 extra and the bill is right at $30, so all we have left to pay is tip. It's a fun way to try new places that you may not otherwise have tried out. Enjoy! Just make sure to read the small print; most times you have to use the whole groupon in one sitting and watch the expiration dates too, most places alcohol is not included either. And 1 per table.

Alyssa said...

Everyone I've mentioned Groupon to says "oh yeah, I've used that." How did I not know about this?! Anyway, I'm actually most excited about restaurants for the same reason you mentioned: to try places you normally wouldn't.