Friday, September 30, 2011

Photo Challenge: Day 5 - Someone I Love.

My high tech loving boys.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Public Service Announcement.

When you are at the post office counter and searching for a pen in your bag, do a visual check before pulling out your "pen."

Friday, September 23, 2011

It's Fall!! I Need This. Ok...Want This.

The Pottery Barn Fall/Winter catalog arrived yesterday. I'm loving these cable knit blankets. I've been wanting a nice, good quality blanket for our family room for awhile.The price tag is hefty (on sale for $99). I scoffed and thought "ya right." But then I started thinking "why not". Well the answer to that question is the price, of course.

When we finally decorated the entryway, I decided to not get cheap and buy things that made me happy. If that meant spending months (or years) on having an entryway I loved then so be it. I splurged on a couple items and lucked out with some free and awesome items or some items found on the cheap that I loved. The result: my favorite space in the house.

So back to the makes me happy and I'm considering using part of my next commission check on it. I had a REALLY good trunk show last week and made a little over $500 in commissions for the 2 hours I was there. My commissions are to be used for entertainment or if we are having a tight month then we will use commissions for the unexpected items that come up in the month. Well, I unexpectedly fell in love with this blanket. That counts, right? I'll hold out for now but gosh I want that blanket!

Rob said we could never have that blanket because Buddy would destory it. Its probably true. Buddy gets his bone, puts it under the blanket, then chews the bone through the blanket creating holes in the blanket. This isn't a big deal because our blankets are cheap. We have 2 Sharks blankets we got at customer appreciation night for free, an Ikea blanket (gift from about 10 years ago) and a blanket received as part of a bridesmaid gift, it has my name embroidered on it. Sorry, Dorothy! Buddy just loves your blanket. :)

Our mismatched blankets with the king of the household doing what he does best:

What do you think....shall we splurge on a new blanket for Fall?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Our 5th wedding anniversary was on September 9th. We got all dolled up (I curled my pony tail) and went to dinner at Il Postale (yum!) and I had my first espresso martini (double yum). Our meal wasn't too spendy because I had bought a gift certificate from (love that website!). The dinner was delish and we almost had the restaurant to ourselves because it was a little early.

After dinner, we went to see My Idiot Brother. It was entertaining - a couple laugh out loud moments. The part I hated the most was when I realized half way in the movie that I had chocolate all over my arm and I had no idea where it came from. I was aware I had some junior mints but I couldn't figure out how it got on my arm. I was trying to find a sanitizing wipe in my purse but the 2 I found were all dried up. After the movie, when the lights came on, I realized I had more chocolate on my other arm, jeans and all over my bag (of course, it was the most expensive bag I own, my beloved Gucci). Basically I dropped a thin mint and it melted between my bag and my arm. Gross. I still haven't tried to clean my bag yet. Maybe I should do that today....Wow, sorry for the long random tangent!

The traditional 5 year gift is wood. We are going to get 4 new wooden kitchen table chairs once the budget allows.

If you must know, I'm sporting Stella & Dot's Chantilly Lace Earrings (best seller) and the matching Chantilly Lace Cuff (I died when I put it on - made me feel oh so fancy!).

Happy Anniversary, Poo!

Photo Challenge: Day 4 - Favorite Color.

I like a lot of colors but my favorite color has always been yellow. Its fun and happy! My skin tone is a little yellow-ish so I don't look bad wearing it either - perk!


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fashion's Night Out.

Join in Fashion's Night Out and support fashion and the economy by shopping my Stella & Dot "Mystery Hostess" Online Trunk Show today until 8:00 pm pacific.

1. Shop online at my eboutique

2. Enter "Mystery" "Hostess" as the name of the Trunk Show Hostess

3. Make a purchase and be entered to win $45-$250 in FREE jewelry and 50% off coupons that the Mystery Hostess will win in a qualified show based on everyone shopping!!!

Encourage your friends to shop and the winning Mystery Hostess will win the maximum hostessing rewards!! The more that is bought, the more free jewelry! Get a head start on your holiday shopping.

I will notify the winner via email.

Having trouble deciding? Here are some of my best sellers:

Soiree Trio Ring ($49)

Soiree Studs - Hematite ($24)

Bardot Spiral - Silver ($49)

Chantilly Lace Earrings ($49)

Good luck!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Photo Challenge: Day 2 - What I Wore.

I wish I had packed some decent clothes but I didn't. Here I am out to lunch with Rob, Charlie and Buddy at the Apple Cafe in Aptos. The only thing that is helping this outfit out a little is the necklace.

Top: Ann Taylor
Skirt: Old Navy (not shown)
Shoes: Gap Outlet flip flops
Necklace: Stella & Dot - Riviera Coin Necklace (borrowed from my mom)
Sunglasses: Target

Totally frumpty dumpty,

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Photo Challenge: Day 1 - Self Portrait.

Nope, not naked. That would be weird. I am in a towell waiting for the shower to heat up.

This is what I typically look like for half of the day. No makeup, hair a little scraggly from being in a pony for too long. Its a rare day when I blow dry my hair and an even rarer day when I have had time to curl it. Half of the reason is lazyness - ok, 100% of the reason is lazyness. ;)

Me, Myself & I

Photo Challenge.

I decided to participate in a photo challenge I found on a blog. I find myself lacking blogging material now that I am home with Charlie. I'm not out and about in the "real world" and daily life is mostly the same routine so hopefully this will help me post more often.