Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy 5 Months Old, Charlie!

Yesterday Charlie turned 5 months old - crazy how time flies. Here are some things about our 5 month old:

-he likes kicking water in tub
-giggles when I kiss his tummy
-likes jumperoo a lot. He riverdances in it
-he does a David Beckham trick with his feet and a ball. I'll have to get it on video
-Interested in food. He's still just getting breastmilk but he eyes us when we are eating, I think he might be ready soon to start rice cereal but we're going to wait until his 6 month appointment
-He is a master at rolling from back to front. He doesn't roll from tummy to back too often.
-Still creeping
-Take naps in pack n play (thanks to Mimi!)
-Still sleeping through the night but getting up verrry early these days (like 4:55/5:30 early)
-Holds his own bottle
-Sitting. We're there when he topples over but he can sit pretty well on his own
-He likes to knock down his stackable cups (another trick Mimi taught him)

I'd like to say we had a good 5th month birthday but it wasn't great if I'm going to be honest.

Charlie hadn't pooped in a week so we decided to give him 2 ozs prune juice plus 2 ozs water (pediatrician recommended this after putting a thermometer in his bum didn't move anything along). He kept spitting up brown stuff (prune juice-yuck!) and no poop. Finally about 6 hours later he had a big poop so big it leaked through onto his outfit he was going to wear to Mimis so she could take his 5 month old pictures. One of the good things from the day is he did poop (twice).

Charlie also decided to wake up super early again. I don't have my paper in front of me but I think it was around 5:15/5:30. He did nap in our bed with us (this is very very rare) for about 30 minutes. About 4 hours go by and he didn't want to go down for a nap but I knew he was tired. I decided to take him around the neighborhood in his stroller and he fell asleep within 5 minutes.

That night was the first night Charlie didn't want to feed from me. My mom told me on the phone "watch out, the first time I gave you juice from a bottle, you wanted nothing to do with me, you totally weaned yourself." So I was about to put him down and as soon as he saw what was going to happen (me feed him), he started crying and arching his back. He has NEVER rejected milk from me. I kept trying and same thing would happen. I went downstairs and showed Rob. He got an emptry bottle, put it to his lips and he started sucking on it. So Rob gave him a bottle last night for bed. Luckily this morning, he fed from me as usual.

The icing on the cake? I started my first post partum period yesterday. Yeah, I told you it wasn't a great day!

The highlight was going to Mimi's and getting these great pictures of Charlie that are in this post (AFTER he prune-juice spit up'd on outfit #2).

Happy Birthday, Charlie!

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