Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mommy Brain, Anyone?

I've heard about mommy brain and now I get it. It seems at all times your mind is going a mile a minute. Sure, it might appear as though you are browsing online or watching tv while your baby is napping but what you are really thinking is, "How long has he been down? I wonder if he is going to wake up soon? Is he breathing? Let me go check. Ok, good, still breathing. Hmm, there sure are a lot of dishes in the sink. Crap! The dryer went off, hopefully he is still breathing. Oh yeah, Real Housewives of NY is on - Kelly is so crazy! Doorbell rang, Buddy is going nuts, don't wake the baby! Baby wakes up, is it time to feed? Is that poop I smell? Buddy, no, I don't want to play now! Gotta get the phone..., etc." So its not a shock I forgot my laptop at work on Friday (using our personal one now) but I caught myself doing some silly things lately.

The other night I opened up my prenatal vitamins got a cotton ball and tried to pour some on the ball - yup, I thought it was my face toner.

Then this morning, I decided the cupboard was a good place to put a carton of egg whites.

Anyone else suffer from mommy brain? When does it go away?!?!


Melissa said...

Never!! My mom use to do stuff that drove me crazy and I swore I would never be like her, and now I do the same thing. Like hiding something and not remembering where I put it. Ugh!!

Also, I opened a can of peanut butter the other day, but the natural kind that you have to refrigerate after opening, and stuck it back into the pantry. Yup, a whole new jar in the trash!

Melissa said...

I was just talking to my mom on the phone and told her I was going to TJ Maxx today. "You know I had to make a return there, but I can't remember if I already did it. I'll have look around today." See, it proves my previous point. Now it's just Grandma Brain.

Jenny said...

i put eggs in the cupboard and my phone in the fridge. All in a week. My mind works in the same way...ADD with a touch of paranoia of child not breathing.

Gale said...

Mommy brain? Really? Ok, so I put dog kibble on your dad's salad - who knows? It COULD be better than croutons...and there are SO many more (ever try to find the "SEND" button on your landline phone? Meanwhile your call is going through and your callee is going "Hello? Hello?" Yes, it just morphs right into Grandma (Mimi)Brain. Sorry - and don't say I didn't warn you :(