Sunday, July 20, 2008

Penney's, Anyone?

I heart JC Penney's. There - I said it. Its a new love that started today. I can't tell you how many years ago was the last time I placed foot in a Penney's. My best guess would be about 13 years. My mother in law showed me the light. She busted our her JC Penney's catalog when I was asking her where we should get new sheets for the guest bed. After we took a look at the sheets I decided to see what else they had to offer. I was able to find many items that I have loved from Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel at a fraction of the price. So far, here is my wish list:

1.) Pedestal table plus 4 chairs (for the kitchen). We'll use our Pottery Barn table as the dining table.
2.) Entry table
3.) 3 faux topiary decor (yeah, I don't need it but I really liked them)
4.) side table for our leather chair which will be going in the living room

And the grand total you ask? Roughly $1,000. Lets just say a very similar table and chairs alone at Pottery Barn was $1,200.

On a side note, Rob and I ordered a huge sectional today in San Francisco at Customs House. This place is awesome. They custom make furniture at a fraction of what it would cost at retail stores. We got to decide how big it would be, how deep (cushions), fabric, color of couch and legs, firmness etc. Our couch is going to be so pretty and comfy! Oh and Rob ordered his 60 inch Plasma TV from some store in NY that he was referred to us by Keith. Apparently this place has great prices so if you are in need of a new TV, let me know and I'll get you the name. Also, NY has no sales tax (or if it does, for some reason we weren't charged any).

Next on the list: patio furniture!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Temporarily Homeless

We moved out of our place on Tuesday. We had some drama with the moving company but all was good in the end. However, I guess the end isn't here yet since we have only completed 50% of the move. Now we are setting up camp at Rob's parents house and although we have tons of boxes in the guest bedroom (some food, financial papers, jewelry, etc.) I kind of feel like I'm on vacation. We have a nice comfy bed, a hot home made meal every night and no one is going to ask me to vacuum. :)

The plan is to close on the Morgan Hill house on Tuesday, have the carpets and windows cleaned Wednesday, movers come on Thursday to help unload the 2 trucks (and spend our first night there on Thursday) and take Friday as a vacation day. Saturday we are going to a wedding in San Jose and we are staying overnight at the Fairmont (where the wedding will be held) and Sunday I need to come home early for a dual baby shower. When am I going to unpack you ask? I have no idea. OH- and Rob is Minnesota all next week for training. Eeek!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July

We spent 4th of July at the beach house again this year. Ashley, Jim and Gracie came up from Long Beach and my parents were there too plus the rest of the troops (Wagner clan). We weren't sure if there would be any fireworks because the city said they would fine those with firworks $1,000 and we saw law enforcement on the beach all day. But, it was a typical 4th of July with big, pretty fireworks on the beach. Rob and I didn't stay too long on the deck because Buddy got really scared. Once we were inside, he hid under the bed. :( He cuddled with us the rest of the night, poor guy! Here are some pictures of our weekend.

Hammonds and Strombergs
Wagner Clan waiting for the fireworks to begin
My poo-butt


Strombergs and love birds Kathy & Michael

Me, Ashley and the little peanut

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I didn't want to jinx anything but then I realized I pretty much told everyone and their mom about how we are in contract on a house in Morgan Hill. We should be closing in a couple weeks, just days before our place closes which makes me a litttttttle nervous. Anywho, I wanted to share a teaser photo of one of my favorite things about the house: the pool and spa! (photo courtesy of Gale Hammond) :-)