Wednesday, May 5, 2010

30 Under /While 30.

I've recently heard about people making 30 under 30 lists. Its a list of things to do before they turn 30. Since I'll turn 30 in just over 30 days (gulp), I don't think I'll have time to do this. However, I stumbled upon a blog today and someone is doing a 30 while 30 - I can totally do that!

Here are some examples of things to do:

1.) Take Charlie to the zoo
2.) Fly a Kite
3.) Make _____ from scratch (fill in the blank)
4.) Swim with Charlie in our pool

I have a feeling I'll have a lot of items to do with Charlie (do ____ with Charlie, take Charlie to ____).

Have any ideas for me? If so, leave them in my comments. I need about 26 more. My goal for now is to have the list figured out by the time I'm 30, which is June 7, if you want to send me flowers or something.


Rob said...

clean up the guest bedroom with charlie.
fold all your laundry with charlie.
put things back where you got them from with charlie.

those are just a few I can think of...LOVE YOU POOPER!!!!

you have to tell me what you want for your b-day, btw. And I know you will. :)

Alyssa said...


sfloyd said...

How about...

1. Read ______ (insert # of books)

Are you crafty? How about...

2. Create a "First year" photo album or scrapbook for Charlie.

Good luck! I think I'll do this too!

Her Momma said...

LOL @ Rob! :)
-take up a new hobby (like knitting)?
-take 30 photos in 30 straight days

Neat idea... GL!

Gale said...

Oh, Rob! Those are on YOUR list of things to do before turning 35...

Well. Alyssa - that is a terrific idea and here are a couple more...
1. Learn to sew (you mentioned this) and the next one is all kind of related:
2.a. Take Charlie on first plane ride
b. Have Charlie see snow for 1st time.
c. Take Charlie on neat sleigh ride in the mountains and have hot chocolate.
d. Visit Mimi's house in the CO Rockies...see where this is going?

Dorothy said...

Take Charlie and his Auntie Dorothy to Sprinkles.
Take Charlie to Vasona to feed the ducks.
Take Charlie to Happy Hollow to feed the goats (hehe I can just see you running from the goats)
Take a nap all day while Auntie D babysits.
I will think of some more...

Alyssa said...

Dorothy - I seriously might use all of yours - love them!!!