Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pumping at Work.

It’s not as fun as it sounds (sense my sarcasm?). Luckily we have a private room for me to go to – I know some moms are subject to pump in bathrooms because their work has no place to pump. I guess you gotta do what you gotta do! So I basically go into a room/closet twice a day for 20-40 minutes each time so Charlie has milk the next day. The room is small and just next door to the bathroom and breakroom. I can hear people chatting sometimes and wonder if they can hear the pump. Sometimes I lose suction and it makes a loud “sluuuuurrrrp!!!!” noise. Maybe they think someone is having a makeout session in the closet? That would definately be more interesting than what actually goes on in there.

The room has a chair that is a little crusty and kind of grosses me out.
There is half of a curtain (why a half?),
a broken table
and a nasty lotion bottle.
There is a place to rest my feet which I appreciate. I actually work in a pretty nice office but I guess us pumpers got stuck with the ugly step sister room.

While I’m in there I day dream. I think about Charlie, about upcoming holidays, work, etc. I think I’m going to invest in a pumping bra so I can browse/work online while I’m in there. Right now, I’m not too busy so it’s kind of nice to go in there and zone out but when things start getting busy, I think it would stress me out knowing I have to be gone from my desk for so long.

I should also mention my pump talks to me. My friend Lyn asked me once if it talked to me and I said “no” and thought, how strange. Well I noticed after awhile it DOES say stuff. Even Rob said “it sounds like its saying ______.” Things I’ve heard: Let Go, Let it Go, Let Down, Stupid Ho (I swear this is true), Hi There, Oprah.

Alright, off to my #2 pumping session.


Dorothy said...

You should ask if you could spruce up the pumping room... (maybe even ask for a budget -hehe). I think maybe loose the lotion and add some sanitizing gel. What are people doing in there with lotion anyway? Hope that is not what is causing the 'crust' on the chair. JUST KIDDING! Now everyone will be grossed out.

Ava said...

I TOTALLY agree the pump talks!!! And I've heard some of those same things too. Hmn...