Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Vacation Day!

I'm so glad I have the day off today - it made going to work yesterday a little easier. I'm typing really quietly while Charlie naps. We finally got him out of the habit of sleeping in his chair but now he is sleeping on the guest bed. Since he's a mover and a shaker, I can't leave the room while he naps. We tried putting him in the pack n play but he is just not interested - we'll keep trying. The good thing is he naps longer now than he did in the chair.

So yesterday wasn't terrible at work at all but I did miss my monkey. When I got home he planted some kissies on me.

Rob made a quick dinner for us and Mimi to take home. After dinner, we took a family walk with Charlie and Buddy. I really want to do this every night after work. The weather was warm and Rob and I were able to catch eachother up on our days. Plus I love family time! After the walk we hung out a little then I got Charlie ready for bed (bath, lotion, jammies, eat, crib).

Thank you mom/Mimi for watching Charlie. Rob told me about all the fun things you guys did and said "your mom is really great with him - its really neat!" We know he is in good hands! He just can't love you as much as he loves me - ok? :)

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Gale said... are welcome, Lys and Charlie, and Thank You Rob for your kind opinion and for not firing me when Charlie had his meltdown in the PM :)

You are always going to be the First Lady in Charlie's heart, Alyssa. That was eay to see the way those big blue eyes lit up when he saw you come home!