Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy 4th Month Birthday, Charlie!

Today Charlie turned 4 months old. I can’t believe he is 4 months old already but on the other hand, I can’t believe he has only been in our lives for 4 months. He is now sleeping in his crib and I think we just getting over the 4 month wakeful/sleep regression. Once he is down to sleep (takes 0 to 90 minutes), he does a pretty good job sleeping until the morning.

He is really getting a personality. He is still very smiley and such a flirt. He looks at you, gives you a big grin, then turns away shyly and squeals as if it’s just too much excitement for him to handle.

Other things he loves:
· Sucking hands and his thumb
· Sleeping on his side
· Looking at reflections in mirror
· Grabbing his own hair and grabbing other people’s hair/ears and cheeks
· Standing (with help). He wants to go go go – practice walking always puts a smile on his face
· Sucking on toys – current favorite is Mortimer the Moose
· Playing with his toys on the activity mat

He is liking the jumper more but still doesn’t love it. I think once his feet reach the ground better and he can actually jump, he’ll like it more.

He has rolled from his tummy to his back a few times and has almost rolled from his back to his tummy a couple times.

He still doesn’t love getting strapped into the car seat but once we get going in the stroller or car, he is ok.

We love you very much Charlie, and can’t wait to see you continue to grow up to be our adorable little man!


Her Momma said...

So sweet!! Your Charlie and my Lovie share a birthday! :)

Gale said...

Happy 4-month Birthday, Baby Charlie...I wish I was there to take his "official birthday portrait" - but you got a good one, Alyssa! Of course that sweetie pie can't take a bad picture :)