Saturday, February 27, 2010

This Rocks!

I saw this onesie at Target and thought Rob would like it. It's not the cutest onesie but it was on sale for $4.88 so I decided to get it. When I took it to the cashier, it rung up as $1.74 - don't you LOVE that?!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

First Outing with Just Charlie: Check!

I've been wanting to go out with Charlie on an outing, just the two of us, but one thing was standing in my way: fear.

What if he has an ass-plosion? What if 20 diapers and 6 outfits isn't enough?! Rob is heading out on a business trip soon and having this milestone under my belt was going to make me feel a lot better. What better place to go than Babies R Us? If I need more diapers, wipes, outfits, whatever, they'll have it.

I chose a day that was raining cats and dogs. Things started off great, he slept the whole time in the car until I pulled into the parking lot. I turned off the car and sat there, semi paralized while he cried REALLY thinking I was going to turn the car back on and drive home. A minute later he stopped and I decided I'm gonna do this. Then I saw a woman put a car seat in the stroller and realized I don't know how to do that! So I called my sister Ashley and she told me how to do it, not very difficult but I'm glad she walked me through it. While talking to her Charlie started crying again. She assured me once I get him out and about, he'll stop crying.

I got out of the car and into the rain and pulled his car seat out along with my huge diaper bag. I lifted the carseat off the ground and was trying to get it into the cart when an employee said "Oh, the seat won't snap into the cart. I'm not sure what they were thinking but the safest way to have him in his seat is to put him in the basket." I'm so glad she was there. I probably would have just left to go home. All in all it was a success. When I got inside, he fussed a little but quickly stopped and fell asleep. I even was able to browse through the kids clothes and bought Charlie a couple very cute summer outfits. I look forward to future outings with my little guy.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Things That Make Being a Mom Easier

When I was pregnant, I liked to hear what were the "must haves" for moms to make their lives easier. Here are some of my/our favorite things:

1.) Bouncer seat. I am proud to say I haven't gone 1 day without a shower since we brought Charlie home and I have the bouncer to thank.

2.) Pampers diapers with the wetness indicator on them. They had them in the hospital and we fell in love. There is a yellow line that goes all the way down the diaper. When it senses moisture (pee or poo), it turns green. If he's the slightest bit fussy, we peek through his jammies to see if its green and if so we know to change him. Sometimes it will be green minutes after we changed him - if we didn't have the wetness indicator diapers, I would bet my life he didn't just pee again.

3.) Halo Swaddle Me Blanket - so much faster than swaddling the old fashioned way.

4.) Ultimate Receiving Blanket - if you are going to swaddle the old fashioned way. Regular receiving blankets will work, but this blanket is a bit bigger so it makes swaddling a little easer.

5.) Baby Carrier - We have the Jeep one and Baby Bjorn. If he is fussy, I'll strap Charlie in and walk around the house. He often falls asleep. Rob will even strap him in and just sit on the couch with him so he has his arms free. I've heard great thing about slings and wraps but I haven't tried those yet.

6.) Snap n Go Stroller - fits most carseats. You don't need to lug around a big, bulky stroller. We also have a Bob for "off roading" but haven't tried it yet.

7.) Swing. Charlie didn't love the swing but he is liking it more now. I think the key is to get him in there when he is awake/happy. He typically will fall asleep in a few minutes (he's in there right now!)

8.) Downstairs Changing Station. For those who live in a two story and the baby's room is upstairs, I recommend setting up a changing station downstairs. I change 90% of his diapers downstairs so its nice to go into the guest bedroom and change him on the pack n play. We also have a diaper genie downstairs too. I try to keep spare bibs, burp cloths, pajamas and receiving blankets in the pack n play so we don't have to go upstairs when we need something.

9.) Some sort of thing to have baby sleep in that will be in your room. We have the arms reach co sleeper but I think a pack n play would be fine as well. Its nice to be able to see Charlie without getting out of bed. A friend gave us a Snuggle Nest which is pretty good too if you want to co sleep. We used it when he got a stuff nose because there is a slight incline, we just put it in the co sleeper. We went away this past weekend and brough the snuggle nest instead of the co sleeper since its MUCH smaller, and slept with Charlie in our bed. It worked out well.

10.) Medela Pump in Style Breast Pump

11.) The hospital's baby nasal aspirator (steal it). It works better than any kind you can get at babies r us.

12.) Pajamas with the mittons sewn on. I think they only make them in newborn size though.

13.) My Brest Friend for nursing downstairs on the couch. I love it, its very sturdy. I nurse Charlie in the glider upstairs and the brest friend won't fit in the chair but I tried the boppy and it works well.

14.) Glider or some sort of rocker for the nursery.

15.) Hospital underwear. They were very comfortable plus they were high so its didn't rub against my c-section incision. I took about 10 pairs home with me. Ask for more underwear before you leave and put them in your bag. :)

16.) Grandmothers who make dinners for you - I know this isn't an option for everyone but if they offer, take them up on it!

17.) Visitors. Enough said!

18.) The Happiest Baby on the Block (book or DVD). This has been a lifesaver for us. They teach you how to calm your baby sign using the 5 "S's" - swaddling, shushing, side holding, sucking (paciifer or your finger), shaking (wobbling their head slightly).

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Charlie's 1st Valentines Day

Rob and I wished each other a Happy Valentines Day at 4:00 am this morning. We weren't being all romantic - we just had to get up because Charlie had a stuffy nose and I asked Rob to put the humidifier together while I fed him so it would clear up his nose. I know, it's so romantic its making you sick.

Charlie gave me a great Valentines present: smiles for the camera.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Sleeping through the Night?

On Tuesday, my Dr. cleared me to take baths. I couldn't take baths not because of my incision but because my cervix was still open. So on Tuesday night I finally took a bath and brought one of my baby books with me that I was behind on.

In the book it says babies may fuss at night when they complete their REM cycle which occurs about every 3 hours. Charlie did make a little noise (but no crying) about every 3 hours so I would bring him to the nursery to feed him, assuming he was stirring because he was hungry. The book said to feed when he cries not just when he makes noise.

So Tuesday night I decided to try it. I fed him at 10:30 pm and didn't feed him until 5:30 am! I could have probably let him go longer but I was worried he was starving. Then last night I fed him at 9:30 pm and he didn't start getting fussy and crying until 7:00 am! I hope this trend continues!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Charlie's First Superbowl

We had some friends and family over for Superbowl Sunday and Charlie celebrated his first superbowl.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

365 Blog

A 365 blog is a blog that has a new picture for each day of the year. In an effort to make sure I am taking pictures of Charlie often, I created a new blog - a 365 blog for Charlie. I wish I started it when he was just born but he's just shy of 6 weeks so he's not THAT old. I think it will be neat to go back and see how he's changed over the months.

I'll still post here and there may be duplication of photos on the blogs, but if you want to see what Charlie is up to, you can check out his new blog:

A little background on the name: Rob started calling him Monkey because when you put him on your shoulder, he climbs up you like a little monkey. We now call him our little monkey.

Friday, February 5, 2010

How We Go Green

You hear about all the diapers in the landfills but who wants to use cloth diapers?! We have a solution: wash them. That's right - they hold up pretty well in the washer and dryer. They do seperate into two pieces though so just glue together and you're good.

The other day Rob found a baby wipe in his clean laundry and today I found a diaper in Charlie's clean laundry. Looks like I'll be doing more laundry - joy!