Sunday, January 31, 2010

Introducing the Bottle

I've been wanting to use my breast pump so we can have a supply of milk in case Rob needs to feed him for me so I broke out the pump on Saturday. It took some getting used to but it was successful. The moment of truth was when Rob was going to introduce the bottle to Charlie...Charlie took the bottle like a champ! We fed him 2 oz and he finished in ~7 minutes. He typically feeds for 15 minutes when I feed him. I have no idea how many ozs he gets when I feed him and if its easier for him to feed off me or the bottle. We'll probably figure these things out with time. For now, I'm excited that I'll have some freedom with the feedings.

Look at him looking at his daddy...

Happy mommy

Shots for the Birthday Boy

Charlie was officially 1 month old on Friday. On his birthday, he had to get the hepatitis B booster shot. He only cried for a little bit. The dr. weighed him and he is now 9 lb 12 oz!!

We also got shots of him on his 1 month birthday by his Mimi.

I took these with my camera - I love his chicken leggies!

If you want to see more pictures of Charlie on his 1 month birthday and hear about how I'm adjusting to motherhood, check out my mom's blog post here:

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Random Pictures

Charlie has been keeping me busy, but I've been meaning to post various pictures so here goes it:

I had a bad night and Dorothy offered to come by after work to help out (i.e. hold Charlie for 1-2 hours). Buddy got in on the snuggling action. Everyone loves them some Dorothy!

First family picture since being in the hospital

Buddy has been very lovey since Charlie came home. Here is Rob getting some Buddy love.

From my coworkers - they're the best!

Me and Charlie

Visit from Jen, Brad and Michelle

Visit from the Gaballahs

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy 4 Week Birthday, Charlie!

Today (1/26) was a big day for Charlie. Today is his 4 week birthday, we went to Redwood City to visit my coworkers then stopped at Nonni and Grandpa Wagners home. It was also a big day for me - it was my longest outing since Charlie was born. I should be giving Charlie a present, but he gave me a great gift last night: he was a such a good baby. After each feeding, he went down without a fuss. He usually goes down well at 1 of the feedings but the others aren't always so successful. Last night was one of the best nights I've had since we've been home.

I wanted to take a picture of Charlie on his four week birthday but it didn't work out how I imagined it would:

I asked for Rob to take a picture with me holding him but we still couldn't get our acts together....

Charlie not looking at the camera

Telling Charlie to look at the camera

Telling Charlie to look at the camera - with my eyes closed

"Hey..what's that over there?" -Charlie

"Is that dinner I smell?" -Charlie

I give up - Happy Birthday, Charlie!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tummy Time

Charlie is really good about lifting his head when he is laying on our chests, but I was hoping to get him started on the tummy time mat. He doesn't love it but the other day he was finally lifting his head off the mat. I didn't get very good pictures, but this is what I was able to get:

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Some of Charlie's Favorite Things

consists of...

visits from friends and family like

The Paulsons

The Evanses

Mimi and Poppy

Hanging out with big brother Buddy

*Image Removed* - Rated R!

Cuddling up on daddy's chest

Edible arrangements from friends the Beiers, D'Amicos and Evanses (ok, this is one of mommy's favorite things)

Hanging out in the bouncer

Chillin' in the swing

First Stroll - 2 Weeks Old

Today Charlie and I joined Rob and Buddy on the daily walk. I was very excited for the walk and had a great time. I was getting a bit of cabin fever!

Charlie getting ready for the walk.

Waiting patiently while Rob and Buddy take care of business.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Our Child is a Genius

I think we are going to be "those parents" who think their kid is a genius. If we aren't their biggest cheerleader, then who will be?

The other day, I was saying goodbye to our friend Maryanne when Charlie was sucking on his pacifier. He had his hand on the pacifier handle, took the pacifier out of his mouth, then put it back in. He was 11 days old people!

Then tonight, I took Buddy out to go potty and Rob was watching Charlie and he did it again! We know it was unintentional but it was still kind of funny seeing this little guy put the pacifier back in his mouth. Now if only he could help me fold his laundry...

Friday, January 8, 2010

First Dr.'s Appointment

We had our first Dr.'s appointment today for Charlie. We had a list of questions about breastfeeding, poop, pee, etc. We were also very interested to see how much he weighed.

By their two week appointment, they like babies to be at or above their birth weight. Breastfeeding has been going pretty well but Charlie keeps spitting up a ton of milk when I feed him. I have a feeling he is overindulging but I was worried after each feeding, he didn't get any food because it all ended up on his outfit. Charlie was 7 lb 11 oz when he was born. On day 2, he was 7 lb 4 oz. On day 3, he gained weight and was up to 7 lb 6 oz. On day 4 he was the same. He isn't quite two weeks yet, but here are his current stats:

Weight: 7 lbs 14.5 oz (yeah!!!) - 25th percentile
Height: 19.75 inches (he was 19 inches at birth) - 25th percentile
Head Circumference: 14.5 inches - 50th percentile

Other update: Charlie has a blocked tear duct. We got prescription eye drops because it seems to have become infected so hopefully it will clear up soon.

7 Days Old

I took this on Tuesday - Charlie 1 week old.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

"You're all Baby"

I loved when people told me this even though I knew it wasn't true. My baby weighed 7 lbs 11 ozs, not 45.5 lbs. Yup, my grand weight baby gain total is 45.5 lbs. When I got home from the hospital, I weighed myself and I had lost 17 lbs. I'm not sure if that was the hardest or easiest 17 lbs lost but it sure was the quickest! Since this weekend, I'm down another 3 lbs but I still have a ways to go. I also gained 4 lbs in Mexico that I didn't count as a my baby weight gain so really I want to lose a total of 49.5 lbs. Wow that sounds like a lot! Right now I'm not trying to lose weight but I'm not going to eat "for two" anymore. I'm going to try to make healthy eating decisions and when I think the time is right, I'll get more serious about losing weight. Right now I need to focus on getting sleep, loving Charlie and giving Charlie the food he needs to grow to be a big boy.

This is the last picture Rob took of me, it was taken on Christmas morning:

The picture is a little dark, but I took this a couple days ago: