Monday, June 29, 2009

How Big is Baby? 14 weeks

Baby Wagner is the size of a lemon!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Flashback Friday

June 19, 2005 - A classy game of Father's Day Croquet.

My mom bought my dad a croquet set for Father's Day in 2005. Good times were had by all.

Notice Puddin' in the background taking care of business.


I think this was one of the many times my dad and Rob laughed at my croquet skills.

Rob losing interest.

The End.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our Baby Has a Brain.

Today Rob and I had an appointment for my Nuchal Screening. They measure the space in the tissue of the back of the babie's neck to figure out if the baby might have Down's Syndrome or other chromosomal abnormalities. The baby wasn't in a good position so the tech had me lay on my side for 5 minutes hoping it would turn around (it did). They measured the space 3 times and said everything looks good. They do say the test is 80% accurate. It was really neat to see Baby Wagner since the last time we saw it (I feel so bad calling it an it!), it was only 7 weeks old. Now, it's 13 weeks and man does it look different.

The baby was moving all around, looks like it was doing summer-saults in my belly. We saw it's butt, belly, head, BRAIN!, fingers, profile and Rob saw it's eyes. The ultra sound technician measured me to be due a day before my due date so really, all is still on track. She said their estimate could be off by 5 days.

Here is the picture looking down on it's brain:

Profile shot:

And my personal favorite, the sassy striking a pose shot:

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Big One.

I just made the BIG appointment, the one where we will find out the gender (among other things). The big day is set for July 28. I tried to get us in there the day before Rob's birthday (July 24) and surprise him, but the dr. is out that day.

So what do YOU think it is?


P.s. I don't know why the girl balloon is bigger. This wasn't on purpose.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I've got a...

..along with a double decker taco, teddy grahams and a milkshake.

I was a little hesitant to announce on the blog, but since I've told all our friends, work people, announced on facebook, I thought "what the heck." For those of who still don't understand the cinnamon bun in the oven: I'm pregnant.

Rob and I found out I was pregnant a week before we went to Cabo. I had heard the dollar store sold pregnancy tests so I went one day and bought 10. Pregnancy tests are usually $10-15 so $1 was a steal. I took a test of out pure boredom. I wasn't due to get my period for three days but I decided to test anyway. I took a dollar store test and got a faint line. These tests are very chinsy so I figured it was defected. The box even said don't test until you are at least 1 day late. I went online, did some research, and found that "a line is a line." Still not convinced, I took another dollar store test and got the same result.

I went to Rob and told him I took a dollar store test and there is a second line but I really don't think it means anything because the line was so faint and it was early. He didn't think the second line was a true line and said I should go get a digital test. I was soon Target bound for a fancy digital test.

I took the test and pretty quickly, I got this:

I took the stick into Rob's office and said "I don't know, I still can't tell!" I gave him the stick that clearly said "Pregnant" and he looked at me and said something like "we're pregnant?!" This is something we've been wanting and planning for but when it actually happened, it was a little shocking. When we first started trying, I had bought a couple items to give to Rob that I thought he would like. I got them on etsy:

They are two bibs. One with guitars on it and one with a motherboard on it. I thought he would be more excited with these than a pink bib with flowers on it. Plus, we can use these whether its a boy or a girl.

After we found out, we made some phone calls. I always thought I'd have a fun way to announce to family and friends, in person, but when it actually happened, I wanted to call as soon as possible. We didn't tell everyone in the beginning but the ones we did tell we told about 5 minutes after I took the test.

We had our first dr.'s appointment on May 13th and saw the heartbeat. This is our first ultrasound picture at 7 weeks 2 days.

We had our second appointment on June 10 and heard the heartbeat. It sounded like a choo choo train. I was happy that she found the hearbeat right away. I guess it's normal to not be able to hear it this early. After our appointment I went next door and filled up some vials of blood. Rob and I then went out to breakfast before I had to head to work. We think we are going to try to make that a tradition (he plans to go to every appointment with me).

Right now Baby Wagner is about the size of a lime and my due date is December 28.

We are very excited about Baby Wagner!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Welcome Annabelle!

I do not have any details, but most importantly, I do have a picture. Annabelle Yasmine Gaballah was born on Thursday June 11th.

Rob and I are planning to meet her tomorrow. Welcome Annabelle and a big congrats to Mike and Sarah!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Last Sunday was my birthday, and Rob wanted to celebrate it on Saturday, just the two of us. He planned for a day at the Monterey Bay Acquarium then dinner in our local downtown. When we got back from the Acquarium, we were going to relax for a little bit, freshen up, then go out to dinner. But instead, I came home to this:

Rob decided to throw me a surprise party with our friends and family. He even went to diddams and got some really cute decorations. My sister, brother in law and nieces came up from Southern California and my friend Gena came up from Santa Barbara. I think there were about 18-20 people there. It was so neat to see everyone!

Here are some more pictures from the party...

Thanks pooper!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Artsy Fartsy

Nothing makes you feel old like buying art does (and being totally excited about it).

I've been wanting to put up a framed picture in our living room for quite some time. The room has a cut out for a picture and all that we have had in the cut out for the last 11 months is a nail the prior owner's left for us.

There are good things and bad things about buying a house that someone else had already lived in. Good things: landscaping is usually done, you don't have to buy draperies, usually the walls aren't stark white, etc. One of the bad things is they leave behind stuff because they are too lazy to take them down (I know, because I'm one of those lazy people).

Exhibit A - wall hanging nail thing-a-ma-bobbers stuck in a wall that is impossible to get to unless you want to have someone boost you up to the lower wall, and climb up to the higher step, risking breaking your neck. Yes, those little dots on the wall are picture hangers.

Ok, TOTALLY went off on a tangent there! Anyway, my birthday is coming up and I was thinking of asking my mom about helping me get a picture to hang up in that empty spot in our living room above the fireplace.

So my mom came over last night and we decided to get started on the project. I took a picture in Venice during our honeymoon that I thought would look good in the room. My mom had helped me crop the picture so it was vertical instead of horizontal. After 20 minutes of measuring, we realized it was an awkward space and I was starting to stress out because I was worried we would have my picture printed, matted and framed, and it would look lame.

I think it was my mom's idea to maybe go to Home Goods and bring a picture home that would be approximately the size that would need to fit the spot and see if we like it. Rob and I headed down to Home Goods and found 2 oil paintings we really liked. In the end we decided to use one of them downstairs in the living room, and one in another wall cut out upstairs (one of the pictures happened to be a painting of Venice - how ironical!).

I am so happy with the results of our living room - I told Rob I finally can love this room. It's complete.

Here is the old empty space upstairs in our hallway (note there is no nail, thanks ex-homeowners! You practically leave a nail in the ceiling to hang a picture, not in the designated cut out? Sheesh!):

Buddy was helping.

View coming up the stairs:

View coming out of our bedroom:

Next projects: pictures/art for dining room, change out fixtures in bathrooms, buy wine fridge to put back in wet bar (thanks ex-homeowners for taking that with you, leaving a huge empty space), new paint in spare bedroom, re-model master bath (that's a BIG project), patch up walls in office, get centerpiece for dining room table, re-do mantle decor in family room, paint master bedroom, etc.). My goal: complete one thing off the list in the next 11 months.