Saturday, May 22, 2010

Leave It To Mimi.

Waking up from 1st nap.

Charlie is a great sleeper - at night. That sleep regression stuff only lasted 2 weeks (although the two weeks were HELL). He is back to his 9-11 hour stretches at night (without waking up). Sometimes when we put him down for sleep he'll wake up in the first hour but we are usually able to get him back to sleep after putting him on his side, with paci and a little back rub.

Naps are a whole other story. He used to sleep in his little chair for 30 mins at a time. Mimi told me she got him to sleep on the bed so we tried and that worked wonders. He would sleep 1-2 hours. One big negative is he rolls around so much we have to be there in the room so he doesn't roll off. We have really wanted to get him down to sleep in his pack n play but it wasn't happening. He would cry and cry and cry.

I think it was Day 2 on the job and Mimi got him to sleep in his pack n play. Um, come again?! That Mimi! She had him sleeping in there again on Day 3. So today, Saturday, I wanted to see if he would go down for me so I called her to walk me through it. First attempt I could tell he wasn't as tired as I thought so I took him out and played a little longer. We went back in and he was out in about 30 seconds and slept for 50 minutes. Score! I just put him down for nap #2 and it took him 1-2 minutes to fall asleep.

I think when we have future things that come up that are just too hard to deal with, I'll leave it to Mimi. You know, like terrible 2's, dating, puberty, etc. ok Mimi?

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Gale said...

Hahahahaha...maybe you can get me a direct line from the old folks home...if I am an "expert" it's because all of our "Mimis" lived out of state and it was sink or swim time! Bummer :)