Saturday, March 22, 2008

Clutsy Alyssa in Shower + Bottle of Shower Gel =

Friday, March 14, 2008

The Pee Pad vs. Buddy

The pee pad really didn't have a chance...

Saturday, March 8, 2008


My sister-in-law Kathy is someone who would look at the ingredients on your non-fat coffee creamer and burst your bubble by telling you it is loaded with trans fat. Trans, what? Ok, I know what trans fats are, kind of, they are the worst fats of all fats, right? So needless to say, Kathy has adopted an organic/trader joe/whole foods diet and has an exercise and yoga filled lifestyle. For this reason, I nicknamed her Moonbeam. I didn't mean it a negative way but I thought it was fitting. I think she likes her nickname. Rob calls her Moonbeam and sometimes you will hear my 60 and 70 something in-laws call her Moonbeam as well. So anyway, I think I may be turning slightly moonbeam-ish. I saw a special on Oprah a few months ago about all the waste in the landfills and how much paper products we use etc. And again this month there was an article in Oprah' O Magazine about ways to save money (and some tips also helped save the environment) which I think I may adopt. Here are the ones I wanted to share:

1. Swap paper coffee filters with a metal mesh filter. Savings: $8 in first year and $18 every year thereafter.
2. Swap papertowells for dish rags. Savings: $40 annually
3. Swap memo pads for a mini chalkboard or mini whiteboard. Savings: $15 annually

I also found these on another blog that were pretty cool (how cute are these?!?!):

Monday, March 3, 2008

Fun in the Sun

We had such a blast on Sunday. We went to Aldo's Harbor Restaurant in Santa Cruz with our friends Maryanne and Brian and we brought the doggies. The restaurant is super dog friendly and about every other customer had a dog. We ate outside and had great views of the boats, ocean/beach, lighthouse, etc. We also had great weather, it was so nice. After lunch we walked on the beach a little bit and down to the lighthouse. After lunch, we went cake tasting with them at Just Cake where we had our cake done for our wedding. Yummmmmmm! Sugar coma! Below are some pictures of our fun day.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Happy Early Easter

Every time we go into PetSmart, we are forced to walk by the toy section which always has the holiday themes going on (candy corn shaped toys, christmas trees shaped toys, football themed toys, valentines theme toys, etc.). Cha chinnngggg...what is that noise you are hearing? Another $5.99 paid to PetSmart for a (this time, baby chick in an egg) plush dog toy. It amazed me that today they also had presidential themed toys (toys in the shape of an elephant, etc.). We stayed away from those. Buddy would like to wish everyone an early Happy Easter.