Sunday, May 9, 2010

First Mother's Day!

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day.

On Saturday, we celebrated with just the three of us. Soon after I woke up, I opened a gift from the boys (Rob/Charlie/Buddy). They are all very thoughtful. :) I wanted to spend the day together as a family. We went to our local farmer's market (got stuff for dinner), then had sushi for lunch.

On Sunday we went to Aptos for lunch and spent the day there with our family. Charlie was being a little turkey and didn't want to nap so we left a little early (he always sleeps in the car).

My little monkey is such a sweetie pie and I can't believe he is OURS. All those months you wonder what your child will be like, what he will look like, etc. and now, I can't imagine him being any different - he is perfect and I'm proud to be his mama.


Melissa said...

The first one is always the best and most special!! Looks like you had a wonderful first! :-)

Alyssa said...

So its all downhill from here? Bummer! :)

Melissa said...

No, it doesn't go downhill. Some years are better than others, but your first is always your first. LOL

Her Momma said...

so sweet! :) I feel the same about Lovie - and I *thought* I didn't even want a girl (not that i was upset when they said girl)