Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy 6 Months, Monkey!

Charlie turned 6 months on Tuesday. Crazy sauce. I feel like a lot has changed this past month. He started and has almost mastered sitting unassisted. I am still there just in case but he sits really well on his own. He also started getting on all fours and rocking, getting ready to crawl. Now he takes little movements with his hands and sometimes one knee - every day getting closer to being more mobile. He took one big nosedive (no pun intended) and scraped his nose pretty good on a book, poor baby. I guess it comes with the territory.

He still sleeps very well at night. Most of the month he slept an average of 10 hours straight. Lately, in the last week, he has woken up 1-2 times at night. I don't think he is hungry and read that when they start hitting these big milestones it can disrupt their sleep patterns. He is usually back down in 10-30 minutes so its not too bad.

Things he loves....

-trying to crawl
-BUDDY! He just looks at Buddy and starts grinning. He tries to get close to Buddy and pull his hair. Buddy is getting smarter and starts to slowly creep away when he sees Charlie approaching.
-looking at his hands
-our nightly family walks in the bjorn. He chats and kicks his legs the whole 30 mins.
-his musical instrument toys
-being read to
-blowing bubbles

More firsts this month that I already blogged about was trying rice cereal and yams/sweet potatoes.

Another new thing he did this month a few times is have some stranger anxiety. He did it first to someone who isn't exactly a stranger, his poppy! The next day he did it to my friend Jen's family at her son Logan's birthday party. He did it again the following day at Annabelle's party. His little lip will start to quiver and look at me like "who the heck is this?". But most times when strangers smile at him, he smiles back.

Here are some pictures Mimi took of Charlie on his 6 month birthday.

Note he is in need of yet another haircut.

We have his 6 month dr.'s appointment next week and will report his stats then.

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Her Momma said...

Wow that's crazy that he's so close to crawling and standing!! :)