Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pebble Beach - Part 2

Saturday morning we woke up and ordered room service. I ordered chocolate chip pancakes and a latte and Rob just wanted 2 banana smoothies. The menu said strawberry banana but Rob is very adverse to strawberries - the story goes he was puked on by a little girl who ate a boat load of strawberries and it has ruined him ever since. When it arrived, he got this:
He asked "are you sure there are no strawberries in here?" They said "correct, no strawberries." Rob was wondering why his banana smoothie was red so he called and got confirmation that they added blueberries and raspberries to it. Weird. Rob isn't a berry guy so we asked them to re-make his banana smoothie and only add bananas.

After letting Charlie escape from his baby jail,

we spent some time on the bed chatting together. All of a sudden I heard some fluttering, I looked over and there is a bird on the chair. We had left the door open because the room was a little stuffy. I grabbed Charlie because I had visions of the bird pecking his little blue eyes out and ran to the other side of the room. After checking out my pancakes, the bird hopped his way out of our room and I closed the door behind him.
Charlie liked the bird, I think.
After our wildlife adventure, we got ready to go to lunch.
We had lunch at the Gallery Cafe which is their casual restaurant that the golfers typically eat at. I got a yummy salad. The salad came with raspberries and I asked for apples instead. They gave me apples AND raspberries, this place sure does love their berries. No biggie, I just picked them out.

After lunch, we did a little shopping.

Charlie decided to go #2 while shopping so I had to change his diaper in one of the dressing rooms. I'm sure the other patrons enjoyed the scent we left behind. Then he passed out for a bit.
Once we got back to the room, we showed Charlie all the gifts we bought him and Rob read him a book about golf.
After a little nappy poo, it was time for dinner. We headed over to one of our favorite restaurants, Roys at Spanish Bay. Mama finally got her cocktail - two to be exact. I was feeling a little relaxed until I realized Charlie decided to do another public poop. I decided to go to the car and change him, I haven't changed him in a public restroom yet.
There was a couple next to us that was in love with Charlie. I asked them if they wanted him, and they said yes. Rob told them we'd be back to pick him up in 2 hours. They laughed and smiled and assumed we were kidding.

Part 3 will include some great pictures from the course and some super cute daddy and son reunion pictures.


Jen said...

Ew! A bird! I would have died :-)

Gale said...

pancakes and THEN LUNCH? Whew! Sounds like a yummy food/drink extravaganza! Of course you needed your strength to protect yourself from all the wildlife and the public pooping party that Mr. C. went on...did they sell t-shirts for babies that say, "I POOPED ALL OVER PEBBLE BEACH?" Hey, there's a good business idea! :)