Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pebble Beach - Part 1

Rob, Charlie and I are at Pebble Beach this weekend. It's Saturday right now and I'm with a napping Charlie while Rob hits some balls. I thought I'd take this time to start blogging.

We were planning to leave on Friday at 1:00 pm but didn't leave our house until 3:40 pm. When we knew 1:00 pm wasn't going to happen, we said our goal would be 2:00. Then 3:00. Then 3:30. So really, we were only 10 mins late from goal #4. Anyone with a kid knows things just take longer to go anywhere/pack when you have kids. PLEASE tell me this gets easier when they get older. Or, just lie and say it does.

So we are finally on the road and don't get in any traffic and Charlie is sleeping like a lamb. We check in and immediately get some grub at their casual sports bar type restaurant, The Tap Room. I asked to put us in the corner away from everyone else because Charlie had been in his carseat for an hour and knew he'd get antsy. I was right. We traded off holding him so the other could eat.

I decided to order a drink because I've felt a little on edge and I haven't had drink in over 15 months so I was due for one. I accidently ordered a tequila drink and couldn't drink it. I then ordered an apple martini and only had 2 sips. It didnt' taste as yummy as they used to. I'm sure I just wasted at least $20 on drinks - oh well!

After dinner, we headed back to our room. When we were inside the room, I think we were both a little disappointed. Last time we were here (at least 5 years ago), we also had a Garden Room but our room had a hot tub outside and it was awesome. I had called earlier this week to make sure we had a hot tub because Charlie usually goes to bed around 7:00 pm and I thought it would be awesome to go in the hot tub while he slept instead of sitting in silence until it was our bed time. Anyway, our room did not have a hot tub and we couldn't upgrade if we wanted to because they were sold out. So that was a bummer but the room was also smaller and not as nice as the one we had last time. Its fine, its not old or gross but didn't have that wow factor like our room did last time. I wish I would have known we were upgraded last time so my expectations weren't so high or so we could choose to upgrade if wanted to. I also felt like I was rooming with my brother because we had 1 queen beds. I don't have a brother, but if I did, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to sleep in the same bed with him.

Our room does have a partial ocean view which is nice - our last room didn't have a view of the ocean.

We brought a comforter with us to lay on the hotel room floor so Charlie can crawl around on it. We had to have it laundered last night due to the many spit ups Charlie made. We're now convinced he is allergic to avocados. He started getting welts and little red dots on his face like he used to get when I ate peanuts.

I was in the bathroom and heard "OHMYGOD...Eww ewwww!!" And came out to see this:

I've been spit up on many parts of my body, but I don't think I've ever gotten it in the eye.

Charlie went down in his pack n play around 8:45 and slept until 7:37 am. Rob and I also slept very well ourselves. The beds were really comfy and the rooms were very dark.

Stay tuned for Saturday's update...a preview: we had some wild life in our room this morning. The excitement never ends!


Katie said...

OMG. Sorry Rob :(, but that is just plain nasty. Thank goodness that so far Ian doesn't spit up. Sounds like it might be time to go back to the allergist- poor Charlie.

Gale said...

Wow - that was a spit-up of epic proportions. It MUST have something to do with the avacado because he was actually doing better last week in the spit-up department. Poor Charlie...and Rob :)

Melissa said...

Totally random, but has anyone told Rob that he looks like Jake Anderson from the Deadliest Catch? He's the young kid on the Northwestern. They could pass for brothers or cousins.

Hope the rest of the weekend is less messy. Gross!

Alyssa said...

Melissa - he says to google him!

Dorothy said...

gross...and totally funny!