Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy 7 Months, Mr. Charlie!

Yesterday Charlie turned 7 months old - wait, what?! How did this

turn into this

The last 30 days have brought HUGE milestones for Charlie. He is doing such big boy things now. Charlie is full on crawling - and he is fast. The cool tile in our bathroom and entryway does not stop him from zooming around the house. Any floor is fair game.

In addition to crawling, he pulls him self up and is standing by himself (by holding on to something of course). Not only is he pulling himself up and standing, he can stand and hold himself with ONE hand. Is he a freak or is this normal at this age? I love my freak.

He's recently been sticking his tongue out - a lot. He went through a phase a few months ago when he "found" his tongue but he has now found it again apparently. I love to try to kiss his tongue. Thats weird, I probably shouldn't admit that.

Charlie's Mimi also took pictures of Charlie on his 7 month birthday. I'm not sure what is going on with outfit #1 but they were too cute to not post.
This toy is his favorite toy right now.

We have a ton of video but I'll spare you a little. I'm not sparing you 100% though. Here is a video of him crawling, taken a few days ago.

And here are two videos of him pulling himself up on his 7 month birthday. I rotated the camera to get a longer view of him, but now I can't figure out how to rotate the video. Sorry the next two videos are crooked.

Happy Birthday, Monkey! We love you!!


Melissa said...

You are so screwed! I mean so blessed! If he's already pulling himself up and holding on, he's going to start cruising the furniture. Is that the right term? Holding on to something and walking, I think that is.

He looks like he has good balance too. Way to go Charlie! Mommy and Daddy are going to be chasing you soon!

Katie said...

Um, yeah, you're going to have a walker very soon. If he can already pull himself up and hold himself upright for that long...better get the baby gates ready. He's not a freak either, he's just an overachiever! Probably thinks the whole crawling thing is for babies and would rather move onto the good stuff like walking and giving Mommy, Daddy & Mimi a heart attack.

Gale said...

ok, here is a random question...WHAT tv program was going on during the last video? :)

Charlie is a superstar!

Dorothy said...

I think I am going to need to come and chew on his legs a little, just to get my fix!