Friday, July 9, 2010

A Typical Walk.

Every night, we go on a walk with our children, Buddy and Charlie. Here is how it usually goes down...

First stop is the main park. Buddy always sniffs around to go #1. It always takes longer than Rob wants it to take.
Charlie and I wait patiently.

We let them lead.

We call Buddy Circus Dog because he likes to walk the edge of the sidewalk like its a tightrope.
Sometimes they wait for us, sometimes they don't. But one thing that is for sure, is that Buddy initiates the waiting.

Then things start to get exciting.

Our dog has issues so we have to "help" him. Repeat about five more times.

Its tough work being a puppy.

Towards the end of the walk, Buddy fakes us out. He sniffs the grass pretending to find a good spot to do his business, then he plops down on the grass to rest instead.

If its hot out, I "make" Rob carry him home.

Walks usually end with colored spit up on Charlie's bib...

Spit up on Mama's toes
and a butt bath for Buddy.

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