Thursday, July 8, 2010

Back to the Head Dr.

We had a head dr. appointment a week ago Wednesday for Charlie. The dr. said there was not significant growth and his head is slightly better shaped than last month. He basically said we probably don't need a helmet (we agree), but we can come back to 4-6 weeks to make sure there isn't a big change in the wrong direction. We think its sort of a racket and don't need to go back anymore. We had our well visit with Charlie's pediatrician today and we were going to ask her if she objects to us not going back to the head dr but we forgot to ask. We'll probably call her tomorrow and see what she says.

Since it may have been our last visit, I took the opportunity to take more photos of Charlie in the ridiculous head sock.

oh, daddy.....

Going to the head dr. makes me sleepys.

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