Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Adventures in Baby Food Making: Sweet Potatoes/Yams.

Today I made some yams for Charlie and I think he liked it. I'm not sure if its love at first feeding but he did eat some of it. I cooked the yam in the microwave and pureed it in a baby food processer that my sister Ashley gave me. Today I learned how to say puree. Apparently I was saying it wrong because after reading the puree instructions outloud, Rob started laughing at me. "It's pure-ay, not purr-ay". Oh, whatever! So anyway, I added a little bit of water to it to thin it out a little. You can also use breastmilk but I'm barely keeping up with Charlie when I pump so I am trying to save all that I can. I made a little batch today which will last a few days but I eventually plan to make Charlie's food in bulk and freeze it in ice cube trays. I have learned a lot about making/storing/freezing baby food at The yams were very simple to make. I think next on the list will be squash - stay tuned!

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