Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Adventures in Baby Food Making: Squash

Last Saturday we hosted a pool party/bbq/welcome home party for my sister and her family who recently moved to our hometown, where I currently live. After everyone left, the REAL party started: Dorothy and I made squash baby food. I know, we live exciting lives!

We used this new silicone steamer my mom bought me. I thought it was not working so well and Dorothy thought it was very different from the ones she has used. I thought you were supposed to balance it on the top of the rim of the pot. I put it on the pot and could only fit 2 squash on there at once and thought this is going to be a looooooong process. Then the squash would get unbalanced and fall through to the bottom of the pot instead of resting on the steamer.

Dorothy realized I wasn't using it correctly and figured it out that you are supposed to fill the pot with a little bit of water, then you can push the steamer at the bottom of the pot, above the water and fill the pot up with veggies. That makes WAY more sense!

And.........he liked it! What a shock, I know.

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Dorothy said...

That is just how we roll! Living life on the wild side!