Monday, July 12, 2010

Adventures in Baby Food Making: Avocado.

Charlie tried avocado last week and he liked it. It was very easy to prepare, you don't even need to puree it. You just mash it with a fork then add in the rice cereal and milk until the consistency is right. The bad thing is it kind of ruined gaucamole for me. We had dinner at our friend's house this weekend and they had guacamole as part of an appetizer. I had some but it reminded me of his food, and then it reminded me of what it looks like when it comes out the other end. It ain't pretty.

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*Bri* said...

Avocado was Aubrie's first solid (we skipped the whole rice cereal thing). She loved it - you can also try it without adding the rice cereal - just some breastmilk to thin it a bit if you need to. :)