Friday, July 9, 2010

Charlie's 6-Month Check Up.

We had Charlie's 6-month check up yesterday. It was pretty uneventful except that he has lost weight. Our chunky monkey is not so chunky anymore. He lost a pound in the last two months.

Current Stats:

Weight: 15 lbs 1 oz (25th percentile)
Height: 26 inches (45th percentile)
Head Circumfrence: 17 inches (45th percentile)

After discussing with the doctor what he eats, she recommended we supplement his bottles with formula. I'm barely pumping enough to give him 4 5-oz bottles and I knew at his age that was pretty low. Charlie is such a happy guy so I thought he was getting enough. So the new plan is to give him 8 oz bottles and let him eat until he is full. Rob called me this morning and told me he drank 9 ozs!

She also recommended we give him avocado because of the high fat content. I gave some to him yesterday and he loved it. I'll post pictures soon.

She also asked me if I noticed if the fat content of my milk has decreased. I told her I think it may have decreased a little and told her I've been dieting. She basically said they do not recommend nursing moms diet. I did tell her I'm doing weight watchers and I get to have extra points/calories because I am breastfeeding. She asked how much I lost in the last month and when I told her she said it was quite t a lot and the milk I'm giving Charlie is probably not as rich in fat as it used to be.

Now that he is basically crawling and very active, Charlie needs his calories. So, he is now on a get fat quick diet and we go back to the doctor in two weeks for his weigh in.

They did say he was very alert and aware of his surroundings so that is good. They also went on about how cute he is (but we already knew that) and that he looks like his mama! I don't hear that a lot so that was fun to hear.

Charlie also had to get some shots. He cried. A lot. So I ordered him this for being so brave:


Gale said...

Oh, wow...I TOTALLY planned to get him a sock monkey. But I'm glad you got this one - I LOVE it! Never saw it in such fun colors before :)

Katie said...

LOVE that picture of Charlie- So Cute!

Melissa said...

When I went back to work with Dylan I had trouble pumping and keeping up with his supply. We had to supplement with formula around 7 months because my freezer supply was gone! I didn't do Weight Watchers with him or anything else, I just think that my body didn't respond well to the pump.

With Luke, I didn't go back to work, but ended up supplementing too around that time. I did Weight Watchers with him, but I stared when he was two weeks old. I think everyone's body is different and we all have a different time when our supply goes down. My cousin is having to supplement because she hasn't had an adequate supply since her baby was born.

I guess my whole point is no one can really say what it is for sure. It could be that you lost weight in a month, or it could be the pump, or it could be a natural drop in your supply. It is what it is. Charlie has received a huge benefit from nursing, and will continue to benefit from nursing and supplementing or whatever you decide to do. :-)

Melissa said...

Oh and I too love the picture of Charlie!