Wednesday, September 1, 2010

That's Random.

I got a catalog in the mail called The Lakeside Collection. On the cover was a "3-pc Holiday Gift Set" which included a candle, bell and basket. It would go cute in a cabin and I just assumed this catalog would have tons of neat stuff to get my parents for their lake house in Colorado.

It started off normal enough with silicone christmas bakers on the first pages. But then the next page there was a set of 12 Disney books then the next page was a Happy Hamster Interactive Pet. What? Next page, Insultated Window Panels and the next, Decorative Rug Collection. Skip ahead 10 pages and you will find an NFL snack dispenser which will go lovely with a Rock Music Men's Hoodie or Geometric Design Flat Wallet. Don't forget your WWE Encyclopedia or 6-Pair of Puma socks.

The scary thing is, I actually want to buy some things in this weird catalog (none of the above mentioned items), but something like this:

Knit Novelty Lounge Pants - Jean or Chaps, your choice for $9.95

For the man in your life that has everything.

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Gale Hoover Hammond said...

oooooooo...I want ALL that stuff :)