Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Charlie is 3/4 old! (9 months)

Charlie turned 9 months today. "They" say your kids grow up so fast and its so true. I still feel like he is a baby but he is turning more into a toddler now.

This last month was a big one because Charlie started to stand on his own and took his first steps. He continues to practice walking every day.

He also finally got his first two teeth this month - the bottom middle ones. You can only see them if he gives a big yawn.

New foods Charlie tried this month are pears, peas and blueberries. Blueberries make his #2's interesting.

This month he touched sand for the first time and also put his toes in the ocean for the first time.

We signed Charlie up for classes at the Little Gym and he continues to really enjoy them. He gets a kick out of the other kids and loves the little gymnastic fips we do in class. He also tries to grab at the bubbles when the teachers blow them towards him.

He's starting to outgrow his 9 month clothes. 12 month clothes fit him more comfortably.

He had some rough nights in the beginning and middle of the month due to teething but it seems he is back to his normal 10 hour nights of sleep. I wish he slept 11-12 hours but as long as he gets 10, I'm content. His naps are still rough. Every once in a while he'll bust out a great nap but for the most part we only get 2 30-min naps for him. It seems right at 30 mins, he wakes up. He must be hitting some part of his sleep cycle that wakes him up and he can't go back to sleep. When we put him down to sleep at night, this doesn't happen. We have Charlie's 9 month checkup in a couple weeks and I'm going to ask the pediatrician about this. Sometimes I can rock him back to sleep after the 30 mins and then we'll get an additional 30-60 mins out of him. He's still generally a really happy boy but I know he needs more sleep.

Happy 9 month birthday, little monkey! We love you very much!

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