Friday, September 17, 2010

Labor Day Weekend.

We spent Labor Day weekend at the beach with the Beiers and Remmicks.

The weekend was filled with a little golf, some walking and playing on the beach, a ton of bad food eating, a major victory for the women's Pictionary team and a lot of laughs.

The winners of the Pictionary game (we have mad skills):

We also should have had a technology intervention but that didn't happen. There were iphones, blackberrys, laptops, ipads and portable dvd players that came along for the weekend. Here is Melissa and Dorothy in a "Words" tournament.
I think the Remmick boys had fun.

Charlie touched the sand and ocean for the first time that weekend. The water was coooooold.

Charlie was having fun playing in the sand so I decided to get up and take a picture of him from a distance. Instead, I got this:

On our last night, we headed to Margaritaville.

Thanks everyone for such a fun weekend!


Dorothy said...

Yay for us!

sfloyd said...

THat picture of Charlie face down in the sand is funny...only b/c I know what it's like...I will get Molly situated and then I will get the same thing!! I'm glad you had a great weekend!!