Sunday, September 26, 2010

Thanks For Voting.

Thank you for helping us solve an argument voting in my poll.

We have a few broken kitchen table chairs that broke because (according to Rob) people don't stand up and then push their chair out. They are instead just pushing the chair out and the cheap chair legs can handle it so they snap. His solution is to buy chairs that have wheels on them.

I know thats practical and know people who have them in their kitchens but I don't know, I'm just not feeling it. I told him if he can find them at Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel then we can get them. :) Don't get me wrong, I'm not a furniture snob and will only buy at these stores, I'm just saying if they don't sell them then it might suggest they aren't the hippest chairs around. And believe me, I'm pretty hip! ;)

My friend's husband also told us he thought it was an unsafe option with having kids and he is a cop so he should know all about safety, right? So in the name of safety, I think it would be very irresponsible to get chairs with wheels on them.


Dorothy said...

Did you find a picture of the ugliest possible chairs! Lol

Alyssa said...

I sure tried!! :)

Stephanie said...

You can think of them as "retro," and go ahead and pick them up! Maybe next year they'll make a come-back and you'll be Ms. Forward Thinking! :-P

sfloyd said...

I personally LOVE the idea!! My mom and dad used to have one and I would give anything to have that one now...The fabric would have to be okay though..not ugle 1983 fabric...good luck!!

Gale Hoover Hammond said...

My brother STILL has the 1985 table and chair set my parents bought in California (at Penneys) WITH the rollers on the chairs... and the nasty fabric. Wheweeeee...they are STYLIN', baby! Now the ultimate in cool things to do with those chairs is when you're done eating dinner, you collect the plates in a pile, roll on over to the dishwasher, load the d/w right from your chair, then roll on back to the table. I know, because I've seen my brother do this. Yeah, totally redneck.

Rob said...

but here's the problem, it's not because the legs are cheap. it's because the bottom of the legs get caught in the grout.

so even if we get really good quality chairs without wheels, the legs will still break when people just try to scoot them instead of standing up before moving them. I don't want to buy more chairs (regardless of cost) that are just going to break again.