Thursday, September 23, 2010

Like Buttah.

Growing up, my family kept butter in the cupboard. I'm not a huge butter person, but I loved when I used the butter, it wouldn't rip my waffle/pancake/roll to shreds when spreading the butter. It went on the food flawlessly.

In the summer, our butter sweated. Sweat beads would form on the butter. This is normal. Don't be concerned.

Rob and I were keeping our butter in the fridge because it was the Wagner way. I decided I wanted my butter the Hammond way so I bought another butter dish and now have my own special butter dish stored Hammond style.

My brother in law commented on it when he saw it - something along the lines of "you Hammond girls!"

So I'm wondering - is it really that abnormal to keep butter in the cupboard? Anyone else keep their butter that way?


Gale Hoover Hammond said...

Butter in the cupboard originated with my mother and, I presume, her mother before her. We still keep butter in the cupboard - we've even had it over the period of a couple of weeks when we were on vacation. Nobody ever thought to get rid of it after all that time, so we just used it, and everyone was fine - nobody expired from bad butter or anything. So I guess the butter in the cupboard was a Hammond/Hoover/Austin tradition - if you go back to my grandmother :)There are other interesting traditions that get blended together, too, such as a mayonnaise versus "Miracle Whip" family or "butter" rsus "margarine." I changed from Miracle Whip and margarine to mayonnaise and butter. And that is probably waaaaay more than you wanted to know about your family history!

Azine said...

My mother in law does this too!

We don't; however, we don't have much cabinet space.

Mrs. Winchester (aka Greekwife or Simone Allyne) said...

We keep ours out on the table in a butter dish. We've never had any problems with it. And personally there is nothing better then soft butter to spread on hot waffles!

Alyssa said...

Mom - Yes, tht is a lot of information!

Azine - Thanks for letting me know we're not the only crazy in-laws who keep sweaty butter in our cabinets. :)

Simone - I totally agree with you!

Stephanie said...

I've heard of people leaving their butter out on their kitchen counters, too. I think they sell cute ceramic "butter keepers" specifically for that purpose. I want to start doing that just so I can buy one. LOL. Is that bad? Jason probably wouldn't approve. :-P

P.S. I am a BUTTER & MAYO GIRL! :-P Just in case we've started a poll here. LOL

Gale Hoover Hammond said...

I knew there was a reason I love Stephanie :)Order your cute butter holder, Steph!