Saturday, September 11, 2010

Picnic, Party of 2.

My mom sent me a picture when she took Charlie to the park with my sister and her two girls. I got jealous, stomped my feet and said "no fair, I want to take Charlie to the park!!" Ok, that didn't really happen but I did want to take him, why hadn't I thought of this?

I grabbed this blanket which is awesome by the way (my friend Melissa told me about this - such a great purchase) and hiked it over to the park across the street from our house. I'm not sure you would call it a picnic since we had no food, but we did have toys.
He likes to yank the grass and put it in his mouth. I like to yank the grass OUT of his mouth.
I love him.
Anyone have any botox I can borrow?

Charlie started smiling realllllly wide...

Because Daddy was joining us!

Love you little man!

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Melissa said...

And I may also say, that blanket is worth having even if you do not have kids! It's awesome. I love it for the beach!