Thursday, September 30, 2010

Last Days of Summer.

I know we're technically in fall but its been summer-like around here. We had a few 100 degree days and we decided to take 1 last dip in the pool. We forgot to heat the pool the night before and Rob had a good idea to just heat the hot tub since it only takes 20 mins to heat up to a comfortable temperature.

But before swimming, there were sno-cones that needed to be munched on. I can also now cross #22 on my 30 while 30 list (#22 - Use sno-cone machine).

After swimming, we went to my sister's house for a Fall Cookie Decorating Party!

Charlie was too young to participate, but he had funny playing inside.

My sister pre-made the sugar cookies. She made leaves and pumpkins. It all started out innocent enough...

"Hmmm..I wonder wonder what this tastes like..."

Our masterpieces...

Thanks Ashley for inviting us - we look forward to your next decorating party!

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Gale Hoover Hammond said...

All that fun stayed with me for 2 days in the form of 2 pounds! Oh, well..and I love your new blog background! It looks very 1950s cool-retro :)