Monday, September 13, 2010

My Lovely Hair Lumps.

When you are pregnant, your hair is very thick because you don't lose any of it or lose much less than you normally do. Then, when your bundle of joy is about 4 months old, that 9 months of hair starts to come out and its not pretty.

My process in the shower is to take the hair that is collected and put it on the shower wall. I'm not sure why I started doing this, but I've done it since I was little. I'll leave it on there or do a swirl so I am able to collect the hair and let it rinse down into/onto the drain.

Rob told me one day that his foot felt something gross on the drain and it was a wad of my hair. This didn't surprise me.

So, I have stopped doing the swirl and now just let nature take its course. I still put it on the shower wall but I'll let it go down the drain whenever it wishes. A couple times I went back into the shower with toilet paper to get my hair but its just too much work.

Now, Rob somehow takes my hair and leaves me a hairball on my vanity so when I get ready in the morning, I am greeted with a lump of hair. I have never said anything to him about it - yes, honeybuns, I do see it, thanks for that. I know this is his passive agressive way of saying, "clean up your hair out of our shower."

What habits of yours piss off your significant other?


Jen said...

Let's see...leaving my clothes on the floor, my hair everywhere (I still have a lot of hair that falls out), my shoes in the middle of the you see the pattern here???

Rob said...

HAHAHHAA! I was wondering what was going to come of this. I don't have to work too hard to collect it. I just look down and pick up whatever has collected on the drain grate.

I totally understand why your hair is falling out, but you don't have to leave it for me. It's gross. While I sympathize with you, there's no reason for me to see it or step on it in the shower.

Rachel said...

When I see something in the fridge that is old and should be tossed, I pull it out. But I often don't get rid of it *right then* and it sits on the counter next to the sink for awhile...sometimes days. He gets so annoyed and asks why I pull it out if I'm not going to get rid of it. :oP

Alyssa said...

Jen - You know I too leave my clothes and shoes everywhere too and it drives Rob nuts!

Rachel - That totally made me laugh. Although I don't pull it out, I know when we have eggs that have been expired for a couple weeks but I just leave them in there because I am lazy. ;)

Kathy said...

Hello this is Rob's sister. After college there was a time when Rob and I both lived with our parents again...and shared the same bathroom. Alyssa's post was like deja vu....I used to leave my wad of hair in the shower drain daily and it would really piss off Rob. Of course being his sister I never really did anything different knowing that :-) I'm a little glad to see at least Rob's consistent in his behaviour! I hope you guys have some baby girls which I am sure will carry on the tradition!

Rob said...

Well Kath, since we're on the topic, the other thing YOU did that drove me nuts was leave your big ass hairspray can right next to the sink. In the middle of the night I'd get up to pee and when I went to wash my hands that stupid can would inevitably get in my way and I knock it over. The thunderous clank would scare the crap out of me!

Flash forward to living with Alyssa in the town house, where we only had one sink in the bathroom, she would leave stuff right next to the sink too! Thank god we have his and her sinks now!