Saturday, November 20, 2010

Quote of the Day.

Rob: "I buy you a $250 watch and you put it in a drawer with tools and a rotting banana?!"
Me: "I guess I should take this ring out of the drawer, too?"

Back Story:

Often times, I "clean up" by shoving my crap in a drawer or a bag and put it "away" in the corner of the guest bedroom. It drives Rob nuts. I don't just put stuff in any drawer, I do have a system and that is to only put my crap in the kitchen drawer and the drawer in the family room that is attached to the bar. I also put my crap in grocery store bags and put them in the guest bedroom. This way, I only have a few places to look when things go missing. I think what drives him even more batty is I typically find the missing items within 10 mins which indicates the system is working! (for me)


Stephanie said...

Oh, I remember all too well your weird organization habits back in SLO. I couldn't walk into your room without being ambushed by a rogue purse or paper bag. :-p Love yah.

Rob said...

it's not the system. it's when i hear things like "i lost my credit card" or "I can't find the form we need to get reimbursed out of our pre tax deduction account, that has our nanny's social on it"

it's also the complete disregard for the nice things I get you. How do you think i feel when I buy you something nice and you don't appreciate it enough to take care of it?

I might as well buy cheap crap if that's how you're going to treat your things. i have no problem getting your next "gold" watch from a street vendor for 15 bucks, nor will I care when it turns your skin green.

Alyssa said...

Oh simmer down, now!

You know I appreciate my stuff and take care of it. I didn't have the watch even touching the banana or tools. I had it safely over to the right in the corner. Take a chill pill.

Jenny said...

I have the same problem and there may have been a time or two when i walk around saying "have you seen my e-ring???" which my husband nearly chokes...I mean I KNOW its in the house...I'm not crazy...just can't find it.

Rob said...

putting your diamond rings and gold watches in our kitchen junk drawer is most certainly not taking care of them. putting them away in a jewelry box would be taking care of them.

Alyssa said...

I keep stuff in there, too!

Alyssa said...

P.s. I'm disabling comments Roberto!