Wednesday, November 24, 2010

12 Days of Christmas - Day 3

Today's topic: Meaningful/Memorable Gift(s)

I am very easy to shop for, I love everything. Its sort of a problem, but I'll save that for another blog post. Growing up, my parents Santa gave some pretty kick ass gifts. We got our "normal" wrapped gifts but on Christmas morning, Santa would leave us a "big" unwrapped gift.

Here are some of the big gifts I remember: my first big girl stereo, pager (ha!), dvd player, skiing gear (boots/poles/skis), nintendo, etc. Santa doesn't leave me big gifts anymore but my parents are still spot on on their gift giving. This year we have decided to forgo big kid presents and focus on the little ones so now its Charlie's time to get spoiled!

Rob has done well with giving me some great and special gifts. I think last year he gave me a pretty meaningful gift by giving me a digital frame. He knew I would be going back to work in a few months and he loaded the frame up with pictures of Charlie so I can look at him while I'm at work. Super thoughtful and I still use it everyday. However, I've been meaning to bring it home and take out a couple pictures because there are a few graphic ones (like them holding him up all bloody and stuff and one where they are weighing him and his man area is exposed).

What have been some of your most memorable gifts?


allensgonavy said...

Great post! My family would leave a big unwrapped gift, too! So fun!

Kit said...

Great gifts to love!

Have a great Thanksgiving!