Saturday, November 6, 2010

Family Portraits - Charlie 9 Months. Please Vote!

I bought another groupon to use for Charlie's 9 month pictures. I was brave and decided to shower, put on an outfit and do my hair and make up and be included in the pictures. FINE, I got my hair cut and highlighted that day so technically I didn't do my hair. I am very pleased with how the pictures turned out. Now I need to decide which ones to blow up for our picture wall (that doesn't exist yet, but I have frames, many frames!).

Do me a solid and let me know which family picture is your favorite and which Charlie pic is your favorite.

The Best Family Pictures



The Best Charlie Pictures



I'm not asking you to vote on these, but I wanted to post them because I thought they turned out really sweet.


Stefanie K. said...

I like #1 family, #4 Charlie, and I LOVE THE LAST TWO PICS!! Beautiful. He is getting so big, and is so so cute!

Dorothy said...

#3 family #2 Charlie

sfloyd said...

#2 family, and #4 pretty!!

Gale Hoover Hammond said...

I love #1 family-beautifully shot with gorgeous background, and I like #5 of Charlie - although there isn't a bad one in the bunch :)

Melissa said...

I like the second family portrait (the one on the bridge) and the one of Charlie laying down (I already forgot the number).

Her Momma said...

OMG those last two are soooo sweet! They're all great, but ack!! :) Voting 3 and 2

Katie said...

I like #2 family and #4 Charlie- his serious look.

Jen said...

I like 2 and 2 :-)