Monday, November 22, 2010

Celebrating Our Anniversary - SF Style.

A couple weeks ago, Rob and I went to San Francisco for the day to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary. Our friend Dorothy watched Charlie and he had a blast. He had so much fun he napped for 3 hrs. This never happens. She said her mission was to wear him out, and to her I say, mission accomplished.

Rob and I went to SF and drove the 49 mile drive which in a nutshell takes you through the major SF landmarks and hot spots. We started in union square and did a ltitle shopping then we were on our way. We only ended up doing about 2/3 of the drive because we had to head home plus we were driving around for hours and pretty much saw all that we wanted to see. We saw a lot of things we've seen before but haven't see in awhile and we also saw some new things.

Here are some highlights...
Lunch at Colibri

Palace of Fine Arts
Coit Tower

View of the Golden Gate Bridge

Lombard Street

The Italian deli Rob's Nonni used to shop at
China Town

One classy establishment

Goodbye, San Francisco, until next time!

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