Friday, November 26, 2010

Yes, Another Blog Post About Napping.

My mom discovered Charlie naps better on a bed rather than his crib so when she watches him during the week, she puts him on the guest bedroom bed and sits in a chair in the room. Obviously we cannot leave him on the bed by himself. If he sleeps in his crib, we get 30-40 mins. If he sleeps on a bed, we typically get a 2 hour nap. What does this mean? When I am home with him on Wednesdays and the weekends, I have a lot of time to look online and blog! It would be nice to have him sleep in his crib for 2 hours so I can relax a little then do something productive around the house. Aw well. It also seems he might be dropping his morning nap soon. He used to need a nap about 2-3 hours from getting up but the past few days he's been not going down until 4-5 hours after getting up. This kid, always changing it up on us!

Its a bit chilly today in this room so I made some cocoa and am sitting here blogging (duh) and looking at Black Friday deals online.


Stephanie said...

Mmm...that hot cocoa sure looks tasty! For some reason, it reminded me of when we would always want to stay at home on the weekends instead of partying it up in SLO (though, we did on occasion...Fratisons!) and just have a cozy night in, in our pj's watching movies and eating frozen yogurt. LOL. Those were the days!

Melissa said...

You can buy one of those guard rails for the bed. That way you can leave the room without worry.

Although do I dare admit that Dylan use to take naps in our bed and I would just put pillows around him. He never fell out of the bed. Of course, we left after he was asleep and checked on him often.