Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm a Princess and I have the Earrings to Prove it.

On Saturday, we went to a 4-year old birthday party that had a princess theme. Our friend Dorothy was at the party because we're all mutual friends. In fact, the princess' mom and I went to high school together and Dorothy and I worked together in high school (she went to a different high school). Then princess' mom (ok, this is getting ridiculous, her name is Michelle), met Dorothy at college. So we all know each other and all of our husbands met each other at college. Weird huh?

That little story has nothing to do with this blog post.

So anyway, we were at the party and Dorothy said "Nice orange earrings, you're so festive!". I said "No, they're coral!" I got hung up on the color and didn't process the other part of her comment because I have a child that likes to run around and I need to keep track of him so my attention span is very very small. Wait, what was I saying?

So on the way to the car I asked Rob "Do you think my earrings are weird?" Rob said something along the lines of "huh?" Then I said "Dorothy said they were festive" and Rob said "I think she meant they were saucy". I said "Well I think when you say festive, its kind of like you are spirited or something."

Then Rob and I realized Dorothy thought my rose earrings were my princess earrings and we both started laughing because they are not my princess earrings but my "I saw them at the mall and thought they were cute" earrings.

I'm embarassed to say this has happened before. I used to play bunco and one month there was an 80's theme. I didn't have time to dress up so I came in my normal clothes. Someone laughed at me and said "that's a GREAT necklace!!!" I giggled and said thanks. I never wore that necklace again.


Dorothy said...

Lmao...NO! I did not think they were Princess earrings. I meant festive as in "they were a fall color". I liked them! You should wear them, they are cute! I love all the jewelry you wear.

Alyssa said...

OH LOL!!!! There I go being all self consious and stuff. Love ya!