Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Robot Mom.

When I was on maternity leave, I definately felt like I was just going through the repetitive motions with Charlie. Baby cries. Go hold/cuddle him. Whats that smell? Take off diaper, clean with wipe, add butt paste, put new diaper on. Feed. Burp. Play. Spit Up. Over and over again.

Now that Charlie is older, there is obviously still routine but I don't think its as menantenous (ok, I can't find online how to spell that word). With that being said, I still find myself going through the motions.

Now that its getting cold, we're putting sockies on Charlie's tootsies. They are pretty cute socks I might add. My sister in law, Kathy, the other day started laughing and saying how they totally don't fit him. What?! I looked at his feet and sure enough they were wayyyyyyyy too small. I've been putting these socks on him for weeks and didn't notice. What a ding a ling. I'm happy to report we went to Target the next day and got big boy socks for him.

Note the top of the white part is supposed to be around his heel.

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