Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fate and Stuff.

A heard a neat story on the radio this morning, I’ll try to get all the facts right. Basically, this couple who were engaged to be married were looking through some old photo albums. They found one of the girl at Disney World when she was little with her family. Her fiancé was looking at the background of the picture and noticed that his dad was in the background of the picture, pushing a stroller, with HIM in it. How crazy is that? I guess this was in Florida and one of them lived in Canada so it’s not like they were both locals. Totally weird....fate perhaps?

This reminds me of a story about yours truly. Rob had told me after we met that he thinks he remembers seeing me driving on the freeway. Yes, I must be that special that he remembered me! Just kidding. He remembered me because he remembers my license plate (it has part of my name on it). Apparently he drove by me, checked me out and thought “she’s cute.” He told me this was by the outlets near my house – he had gone down there with his friend Will in his new Viper. And then I vaguely remember seeing a Viper on the freeway (you don’t see them THAT often) and thinking “what a dork” because they were driving fast and “thought they were cool.” I don’t remember Rob looking at me, probably because they drove by too fast.

So weird how your lives can intersect and not know it. I often think about how many pictures I am in the background of – and if I’m making a funny face? I used to think years ago “I wonder what my future husband is doing….now. And where does he live?” Little did I know that we had crossed paths at least once already.


Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

such a cute pic!

Gale said...

Wow..that is pretty weird, all right!

Remember the tape we have of Ashley cheering at a football game and the band is passing behind her? You see her former boyfriend who played the trombone or some kind of horn marching by...sure, they went to the same highschool, but they were a year apart, never knew each other and much later started going out...and of course eventually broke up - after she and Jim could meet and get married :) Another weird, fateful thing!?????