Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bag 'O Crap.

Yesterday I was reading one of the blogs I follow and the author took a picture of her bag and what was inside. Looking down in the bag, you can see it was very orderly. She layed everything out on the table and explained what all was in there. It made me laugh because if anyone looked in my bag, the would think "what the...?" Luckily I finally took out the spit up rag thats been in my bag for about a week now.

So I decided to go ahead and lay it all out on the table.
I was at the gas station this morning and killed some time taking a couple pictures of my bag.

I really like my bag. I typically change my bags out every 6 months or so but I've been using this one almost every day since I got it two years ago. Rob bought it for me in Vegas when we were there for my birthday. Its my first Gucci purse and I lovvvve it. We had had our townhouse on the market for many months and we had been saving our penny's so we would have more to put down on the next home. In Vegas Rob said "let's face it, it's not going to sell, lets go ahead and get the purse you've been wanting" (or something to that effect). So we bought it and the day we got home, our realtor told us we had an offer on the house, go figure!

Vertical shot of whats in there.

Laying it all out on the table.

So what is all that crap you ask?

1.) Envelope of receipts for Rob (if it weren't for the blown fuse at work yesterday, they wouldn't have been in a nice, contained envelope but rather all dumped randomly in my bag)
2.) Coupons
3.) Manicure set
4.) Keys
5.) Random cards in rubber band (subway, erik's deli, carters, my business cards, library card, etc)
6.) Gift certificate to a day spa Rob got me for Valentines Day
7.) Purell cleansing wipe
8.) Multiple lips glosses and chap stick
9.) Lotions and hand salve
10.) Tampon
11.) Mirror
12.) Hair tie
13.) Clutch wallet
14.) Gum

Not pictured...Ricola sore throat logenze (just one), safety pin, company badge, birth control prescription. The only other thing missing (besides some organization) is my sunglasses.

I have to say I'm not as embarassed as I thought I would be by exposing my bag mess. Its definately been worse, and better, but this is pretty typical.

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Her Momma said...

Wow. I'm not attempting this one! ;)