Saturday, June 5, 2010

Do You 911?

Have you ever called 911? The first time I did was at home, just to see what would happen (I was little). I hung up when they answered and they called us back. A few minutes later my mom found me and said "Did you call 911?" "No" I told her. Sorry Mom!

The next time I called was years later when I was babysitting with my friend Karla. We thought for sure we heard someone jiggle the door knob to the front door. The house was in a wooded area which added to the creepy factor so we called 911. We stayed on the line until the police came and assured us no one was there.

I didn't call 911 again for a good 5 years. I was driving home to the bay area from college (San Luis Obispo) when I saw a cow and its baby running along the freeway. I was the only car around and didn't want the cows to get hurt.

After THAT call, I didn't call again for about 10 years but I've been making up for lost time. Rob even called me a nark!* From what I can recall, these are the reasons I've called 911 in the last 2 years (in no particular order):

1.) Kids spray painting a sign off the freeway* (this was in rush hour - what were they thinking?!)
2.) Guy throwing a beer can out of car (I didn't call because he littered even though that makes me a little pissy when I see that, but I was worried he was drinking and driving)
3.) Dog in car (this was at the outlets - it was 80 degrees outside on a Saturday and the window was just cracked. The outlets are always very busy on the weekends so I thought they most likely didn't just "run in" to grab something - who knows how long the puppy would have been in there!)
4.) Farm animal walking on side of the road (I think it was a goat)
5.) Drunk driver (either drunk or a horrrrrrrible driver - this was a few days ago and actually quite exciting. The California Highway Patrol came up behind us in just a few minutes and pulled him over and I thought "oh crap, I did that!")
6.) Weird guy running around on a hill on the side of a freeway (pretty sure he was out of his mind and I didn't want him run into traffic and get hurt)

Gosh...I feel like there was more than that. Rob's getting used to me coming home and saying "I called 911 again". I'm not an advocate to call and hold up the lines but if I think something is going on that is going to hurt someone, I'm going to call.

Feel free to share your 911 stories (if they aren't too personal of course!).


Melissa said...

Um, there is a nonemergency number that you can call if it's a concern, but not a true emergency. I think you might need to program it. ;-)

My two 911 and nonemergency calls:

I called 911 a year ago because I got home and a fan in the garage was on and a light in my front room. I promptly left and called 911. We figured out that the power had gone out and then back on and those items turned on by itself (it has done this many times since).

A few months ago, I heard some unusual noises in my backyard and called the nonemergency number to see if someone could come out which they did.

Emily said...

In Dallas we lived in a high rise that overlooked a fairly busy intersection. I called 911 a couple of times - once because I heard what I thought were gunshots but were actually douchebags trying to scare birds with air rifles. Once was to report an accident, once for a car fire, and once for a guy who was driving on the wrong side of the street and then turned to drive the wrong way up a one-way street, running over the sidewalk and (I'm not kidding) bouncing his car off a building in the process.

Good times.

Alyssa said...

Melissa - you are so right. The first few times I would say "this is a non emergency" but then the operator says something to the effect of "ok, now tell me why you are calling." So I thought it wasn't a huge deal but I don't want to be "that person" holding up the lines.

Fiiiine, I'll program it into my phone. :)

Gale said...

Wow - I'd forgotten all about that time you called 911 and they called back...didn't the police come out to our house once because you called them? I remember they were at the door and wanted to come in to make sure everything was ok. That was weird. I had no idea you were such a 911 addict :) You didn't get it from me...I don't remember ever calling 911 - I just figure if anybody is dumb enough to want to get me they deserve what they get...ALTHO I did see some idiot pass all the cars going up the hill on Dunne Ave about a week ago and I was sure tempted to call 911 then. It was bizarre and lucky nobody was coming down the hill in the oncoming lane because it would've been bad.

Alyssa said...

Mom, I don't remember the cop showing up to make sure everything was ok, but I do remember a cop following me home because I was "flying" up the hill after buying ice cream at the little market. Remember I was totally irritated with him for following me home? Oh well, at least he didn't give me a ticket, it was the least he could have done after you almost had a heart attack (seeing a cop pull into the driveway).