Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Couple Firsts This Week.

I know you are probably thinking I'm going to post a couple firsts about Charlie. Sure, he is up on all fours doing the skoot skoot and getting ready to crawl but Buddy had a couple firsts this week that are worth mentioning.

First first was yesterday. It was the first time he got barfed on. I was holding Charlie and heard a splat (this usually means barf on the floor). I looked down and poor Buddy got it on his back - his tail down not knowing what just happened.

Then this morning my mom text'd me this picture:

I didn't get it - I knew he looked wet. She said she was outside with Charlie because he was a little fussy - I think this happened around 8:00 am. She heard a big splash, looked over and Buddy is in the pool. This is a first. She wasn't sure if he jumped in or fell. I'm guessing he fell. My mom quickly put Charlie on the floor inside and came back out to see if she would need to perform a doggy rescue. Luckily he found his way to the step and got out of the pool. He then ran into the house and shook off the water onto Charlie - maybe getting him back for yesterday's barf?

All this before 8:30 am. Poor Mimi!

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Gale said...

Oh, yeah, I hadn't thought about the revenge shake...Buddy indeed got the better end of that one...Charlie got nailed! But thank you, Buddy, for not making Mimi jump into that freezing cool pool this morning with no change of clothes in sight!!! So who's going to call Charlie's Nonni to let her know it's her week to watch "the kids?" :)