Saturday, June 12, 2010

Botox is not in my near future.

I've always had a baby face. I hated it growing up - I just wanted to look "older." Or - I guess I just wanted to look my age. I think thats all I want to look like now - not older, not younger. Apparently I still look pretty young. I've received a couple comments recently that I thought I would share. Apparently people think I'm a teen mom or something - not that I have anything wrong with that, I'm just far from a teen mom, like at least 10 years past having the possibility of being a teen mom.

So the first comment I got was at the store a couple months ago. I had Charlie in the cart with me and I was wearing a San Jose State University sweatshirt. The cashier guy was I'd guess around 20 years old. This is how our conversation went:

Cashier: SJSU, huh? Are you going to go there?
Me: Yeah, I went there.
Cashier. Cool. What did you major in?
Me: Business
Cashier: Are you going to make a career out of it?
Me: Yes, I have made a career out of it. I graduated.
Cashier: You graduated?
Me: years ago.
Cashier: Oh...I thought you just graduated high school. You look good!

Nice backpeddling, buster.

And the most recent episode happened this morning. A man rang our door bell wanting to wash our windows. I answered the door with Charlie on my hip and the man asks to speak with my mom. I told him I own the house - for some reason that was easier for me to say than "I'M the mom" - because lets face it, I still feel weird that I'm a mom. He apologized, was very nice, and then proceeded to try to sell me his window washing services.

I guess I should be happy that I look young but it is annoying sometimes. When I go to Target with my mom and Charlie, people look at me and probably assume I'm "16 and pregnant." Most of the time when I run errands I'm in yoga pants, don't have make up on and not wearing my wedding rings. Oh well, I guess there are bigger problems to have!


Gale said...

Even tho I've heard these stories, it's even funnier reading about them. Tell Rob with all the money you're going to save him on face lifts, Botox et al that you can probably afford to retire RIGHT NOW :)

Dorothy said...

You have just said..."my mom isn't home, she is making me babysit." haha then he would have left! Can he NOT read the NO SOLICITING sign!

Alyssa said...

No, apparently he can't Dorothy. :) Rob was all irritated that he ignored the sign.