Thursday, June 3, 2010


I'm feeling inspired. Three of my friends are doing well losing weight and, well, I'm not. I was doing ok but now I'm up 3 lbs and getting frustrated with myself. I'm frustrated because I am not even trying. So starting tomorrow, I'm going to go back to counting weight watcher points. I'm not going to join (yet), just count the points at home. I need to check my paper at home, but I think I need to lose 17 lbs to get to where I was before. I'll find out and update my blog to keep me honest. I might even have Rob take pictures of me. I never did that on my prior weight loss journeys and wished I did.

And...I'm loving this bag at Anthropologie. They had a similar one last year that I almost bought but resisted temptation. They did it again this year with the big ass bow (love that big bow!) but it has a different pattern on the bag than last years.

*I'm updating this because I'm a liar. I went to Anthropologie last year to buy it but they didn't have it. I guess that doesn't really go into the "resisting temptation" category does it?

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