Saturday, February 5, 2011

Remember Me?

I hate when I don't blog in awhile. I think its harder to blog when you lose your momentum. Things have been super crazy at work and by the time Charlie is down for bed, I have only the amount of energy to watch  a few minutes of Teen Mom 2 or Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion (part 1 and 2). A girl's gotta prioritize.

I'll be back, and hopefully soon.

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Gale Hoover Hammond said...

I've been the queen of non-blogging and I miss it. I've tried to substitute with Facebook, but it's just not the same. My goal is to get my blog up and running again while we're here in CO...and I notice you've got a few new postings on your blog AND a fun new background - looks like you're climbin' back into the saddle, cowgirl :)